Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A comment that I am posting to another site regarding climate change.

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BrightSource Energy about to go public with Nasdaq IPO this week(BRSE)- the backporch take on it- some will make millions and some are going to get screwed.

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I got an idea- let's cover the Yosemite Valley with parabolic troughs and photovoltaic solar panels, and put wind turbines atop El Capitan- how does that sound?
That is exactly what is starting to happen right now out in pristine desert wilderness in California- google Ivanpah or Blythe if you don't believe me. The industrialization of the last American wilderness has begun.
But it's okay because climate change must be stopped. Something, nature, must be sacrificed to slow down climate change- at least that's what the big environmental groups like the NRDC and the Sierra Club said when they made the backroom deals with the federal and state governments, along with the renewable energy developers- not to sue to stop the projects from being built- and the anti- carbon crowd went right along with the planned destruction of an ecosystem, because after all, something had to be sacrificed, to pay the price required to slow down the climate change.
Going back to my opening sentence- it is not so far fetched an idea after all. Why stop with the deserts?
Those of us who love the desert wilderness, are fewer in number than the forest and mountain lovers. But that doesn't mean our concerns should be totally ignored in this matter. What is now happening, this raping of a pristine and complete ecosystem, is just the beginning. There is never
enough to satisfy those that wish to develop- next will be your forests and your mountains, and one day- who knows, perhaps your national parks.
In closing, a lot of us feel that there is no altruism involved here in this stop climate change by paving over the wilderness, this call for a specific sacrifice- substitute just one consonant, and you will get the real message.
Just replace the "n" in green with a "d."
That, folks, is the real reason behind the urgency of the problem.
There are millions of rooftops, just in southern California, that could be fitted with solar panels
and solar hot water collectors. There are hundreds of thousands of acres of used up farmland,
or industrial land, in contiguous blocks, close in to the end users of the power, that could be obtained cheaply- but these other options to fight climate change were never seriously considered.
Why not? The world was not about to end overnight, why not look at all the options- why did they have to sell out the wilderness as the first and only option to be considered?
Greed was and is the only possible answer. Virtually free land from the feds plus billions of Obama
bucks- man, you could hear the lip smacking from Wall Street all the way out to the California deserts!
Don't believe me? Tomorrow is the opening day of BrightSource Energy's Nasdaq Initial Public
Offering- stock to be priced from 21-23$ a share. Guess what- they are only about a third of the way through the Ivanpah project- somebody is looking to cash out quick, at least that is how it looks to this old country boy!
I guess considering how so many solar companies like Solyndra are crashing and burning, these companies might as well try to cash out- before the Marshall's burst through their doors!
Well, I realize that perhaps I got off topic here with my comment, but I wasn't the only one.
Go out and enjoy your wilderness while you can- but just remember, your fellow man will destroy it a hell of a lot faster than any climate change could.

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What If We Stopped Freaking Out About Climate Change?”

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