Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Deal reached, the Mojave Cross is going back up atop Sunrise Rock!

If I didn’t have to drive a bus tonight, the champagne would be being poured
right now!

I just got off the phone with Dug Begley, a reporter with the Press- Enterprise,
we met you might recall in May 2010 when the Cross was originally stolen, I
showed him and William Lewis, the photographer, how to get up on top of
Sunrise Rock that day, and have maintained contact since then.
mojavecross 009

Dug, back to camera and Bill Lewis with camera covering his face in May 2010 atop Sunrise Rock.

Here is the link to the Press Enterprise story which just came out.
SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY: Mojave Cross deal reached - by Dug Begley

The above link has been updated and is the final story as it ran in the newspaper. I know because I drove out
and bought 5 copies for my friends and relatives Winking smile

Yesterday, as you know, I drove by Sunrise Rock and looked over at Sunrise Rock still sans cross, and wondered if there was any news forthcoming from
the settlement hearing as I recalled the judge gave the parties a few months to
work out the details.

In my wildest dreams, I never thought that it would happen this fast!

Anyway, I would like to thank Dug publicly for continuing to follow this story
and for the excellent work he has done on it. And for remembering me and my
blog, to say that I am honored  to be called on is an understatement.

We talked about the developments with this case and some other matters, I
wanted to share with you, my dear readers, the thoughts about this case that I
shared with Dug.

I feel that this is a fair settlement of the issue, having said that though, some will probably disagree. It is my understanding that the project will be fenced,
with 2 entrances for the public; my concern is that the fence around the one acre site does not overwhelm the scenic beauty of the area, and that it blend in.
An example to consider would be the fence put up out at the Vulcan Mine site which does blend in with the natural surroundings and allows for
the security of the site and for the safety of the visitors.
I also said that the
same or similar cross should be put back up as well. In other words, a painted white, iron pipe cross, same size should go back up. This would continue the
tradition set by the original one, still missing, that was installed in 1934.

It is my understanding that the National Park Service will be putting up a memorial which explains the history of the site, and that the cross was put up
to honor the war dead of World War One. This is another great idea in my opinion, that will go a long way to explaining the history of the memorial and
hopefully defuse the controversy which I feel will break out anew upon this word getting out widely.

I have written often about this issue, my views are out there in these pages, and
all I want to say now is thank God, this issue has finally been settled, once and
for all. I said when interviewed by the news media at Sunrise Rock, that I felt the theft was akin to desecrating a grave in a military cemetery, and I still strongly feel that way.

The brave men who had to go off from their jobs, farms, ranches, and loved ones had no choice, they had to go. We have no choice but to honor that decision now, after all it could have been one of our relatives, one of our
ancestors, who had to go live and die in those trenches, in inhumane conditions, blasted apart by machine gun and artillery fire, hanging off the barbed wire; if we have any honor, any humanity, we must acknowledge their
sacrifice, their suffering, to try to make that time the “war to end all wars.”

We know that war seems to be a profitable industry in these times. That is unless you and your loved ones are doing all the dying, for sure someone else
is doing all the profiting.

This Mojave Desert Cross atop Sunrise Rock is a testament to that dying, and that to the living, that those who did die those many decades ago will not be


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