Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Genesis Solar, poster child for poorly sited and rushed through renewable energy projects! Maybe this time the carbonmentalists will finally be stopped.

Now why would I think this about a project which our governments- local,
state, and federal- say is vitally needed right now to slow down the pace of global warming, climate change, and the new boogey man, carbon buildup
in the atmosphere. Haven’t I got a clue? Don’t I see the urgency that Bill
Mckibbon, Carl Pope, Michael Brune, Johanna Wald, Governor Jerry Brown,
and President Obama see?

Actually I don’t.

Let me ask you guys this- the last time a salesman tried the high pressure
sales techniques on you or someone you know, how did that work out for you?
It has been my life experience, and from both sides of the issue, that the whole
purpose of the hard sell is so that you don’t have time to figure out that you are being sold a pig in a poke. You know, kind of like saying we absolutely must
get these power plants built right now, this minute; it is so urgent that we must
waive our normally rigorous standards due to the over-riding issue of global warming and carbon buildup which is confronting us now.

In other words, a pig in a poke.

Now, I mentioned a rush job for a reason. Have you heard the latest about
Solyndra-2 the Genesis Solar project? First allow me to refresh your memories
a bit. This is the same project where an outbreak of canine distemper, a deadly
disease, broke out among the desert kit fox population on site- by the way this
is an endangered
species- and you know why? Because someone may have spread coyote urine around their dens to get them to vacate. This seems to be the only explanation that fits with the facts, and now that distemper is spreading through the kit foxes all across the Mojave Desert.(Note, evidently this species is not endangered, my mistake.)

I swear to God, sometimes I feel like beating these bastards asses until their noses bleed!calmly explaining to them, the errors of their ways.
Distemper Outbreak: How did the Deadly Disease Reach the Desert?
The above is an excellent commentary by Chris Clarke of Coyote Crossing, writing for KCET.

Canine distemper kills eight kit foxes near Blythe, biologists nearly give up hope of containment.
The above article from the High Desert Daily Press is excellent and was published 3 days ago.

Now that’s something for the bureaucrats to be proud of- maybe they will have
to list the kit fox as endangered after all, thanks to their own incompetence!

I am making a valiant effort to keep my pleasant demeaner  so bear with me.

But have you heard the very latest? And this may be the straw that finally will
break the long suffering camel’s back, and change the political and legal landscape very quickly, and possibly to the carbonmentalists detriment.
Discovery of Indian artifacts complicates Genesis solar project

The above is an article published in the Los Angeles Times a couple of days ago, sent to me by a friend online, and is a must read. Here is the subheading
from the article:

After human remains were unearthed near the $1-billion Genesis project 200 miles east of L.A., the Colorado River Indian Tribes are demanding that the Obama administration slow down on solar plants in the Mojave Desert.”

The above courtesy of the Los Angeles Times, Louis Sahagun 2012. I strongly recommend that you surf over and read that
article now, just right click to open another window or tab, then come back here. We’ll wait for you.

You know this project has been dogged from the beginning by allegations that
it was a rush job. Even the bureaucrats admit in their torturous verbiage that
normal reviews were expedited for over-riding reasons. This 825 million dollar
boondoggle, rushed through the normal permitting process, and ignoring concerns expressed by the Native Americans, desert activists, and others- was
fast tracked from day one- but now as we say back home in Georgia- the
chickens may finally be coming home to roost!

You see, the long suffering tribes living in these regions have finally had enough of this kangaroo court process. This time they are not taking 20 bucks worth of beads to sign over their heritage and ancestral homeland.(Finally I feel comfortable using the word homeland, unlike as in Homeland Security.) And evidently they have a very powerful federal law, the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, to help redress the current wrongs being done to them by this carbonmentalist system. See my previous post where I addressed the rich California tribes in an open letter, this is from late 2010.
Open letter to the Sovereign Indian Nations of Southern California and Arizona regarding runaway energy development and the future of the Mojave.

I know the above letter was read by some of the tribes, through the magic of weblog software, but as far as I can tell, nothing was acted upon. I believe now,
at long last, with these latest revelations of grave desecration and other things,
even if done by accident and not on purpose, may be enough to motivate all
the tribes, each a sovereign people, to come together and try to throw a wrench
under the wheels of this runaway freight train, this renewable energy land rush,
before it is too late.

As I opined on these pages long ago, from the beginning, when I became aware of what the future held for my beloved Mojave Desert and I mean that last, the time to have acted with a lawsuit was before the ground was broken at Ivanpah. That did not happen. At Blythe, the issue was the intaglios and other sacred areas, I believe a lawsuit has been filed, I am not sure, but this time there will be protections under a federal law with teeth, and I am strongly
suggesting to the sovereign Indian Nations of California, Arizona, and Nevada-
come together and help your fellow tribes along the Colorado River, by doing so, you will help yourself as well; as sure as the sun rises and sets everyday,
your land may be next for the bulldozers and the earthmovers.

As sure as the sun rises and sets, my friends, count on it.

Some might say, who the heck is this white guy giving the Indians advice? He’s
only a bus driver for heaven’s sake!

Again for the umpteenth time, I love the Mojave, and I have made it my business. I can think, I can see what’s happening, and I think that this blog has
a pretty good track record on predictions. I am not the one who is saying that
nature preservation is dead, that the future of the environmental movement is in adapting the earth to man’s needs. Far from it, I feel that
man needs to adapt to the planet’s needs in some ways, for example by
stopping our species need to breed like rabbits.

For sure, we must save what little wilderness is left, to maintain our own humanity, and one way to do that is to build solar on rooftops, or on washed up
ruined land which lies closer in to the users, to take back the sun which belongs to all of humanity, from the clutches of the power utilities, which have
figured out how to meter the sun with the help of their close allies in government and amongst the mainstream environmental groups such as the
NRDC and the Sierra Club, just to name a couple of the most prominent fellow

That’s it for today. As usual, hope springs eternal here on the backporch and if
the Native American tribes all band together and act, right now, the story may change soon out in our beloved Mojave Desert.



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