Monday, April 30, 2012

Great newspaper article and video regarding the caretakers of the Mojave Cross- Henry and Wanda Sandoz

This article fills in the blanks for me.

Questions answered include just how did Mr. Sandoz happen to become the caretaker? Who put up the original cross in 1934 and what was the history?

I really enjoyed this article and the two videos also up at the link.

Back home in the south, we would call these good old country folks.

There was never a question that they would answer the call of duty, no question.

The article also answers the question of who owns the five acres within the Mojave National Preserve that is part of the case settlement.

You can read the Redlands Daily Facts article entitled “

Friendship takes High Desert couple to Supreme Court over controversial cross “ here.

Reading stories like this this renew my faith in my fellow man.



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