Sunday, April 1, 2012

I really like this little Fujifilm Finepix S2950. . .

Just wish that I could retake my vacation without the rain falling everyday
and with a little more time added, so I could really work this little camera.

I really didn’t use it that much in Arkansas nor on the way back to California.
Of course, I never opened the manual or the cd to see the full version, so I
had to wing it.

The real eye opening feature was the moving panorama feature, where you take the first shot, then rotate to the right or left and line up the little cross hairs
in the viewfinder, camera shoots automatically, move again, line up, and the final shot is taken, and all the processing is done in the camera- and I can’t
see the stitch marks in the finished product no matter how hard I looked.

The camera feels in your hand like a small slr camera, which I like, and does offer the option of using either the electronic viewfinder or the big lcd screen on
the camera back to frame the shot. You can also view the finished image either way as well.

This camera has been replaced by a more up to date version which I will probably upgrade to- by the way, these Fujifilm cameras are a steal, in the $200-300 range- you get a lot for your money.

Fujifilm always had vibrant and warm colors with great saturation, and they applied their expertise with film to their digital camera line.
arkansas_fuji 007

The above image taken indoors with no flash or any modifications in software shows the colors which are spot on, to my eye.

misc 007

The above photo taken indoors with the flash again shows faithful color reproduction. Yes that is Arnold Palmer
Half and Half in the Coke glass.

Getting to the electronic view finder issue for a moment. I admit that I have
never been a big fan, preferring the optical view finders that I have used all
my life, but I think that I have gotten over the issue. I was able to see good
enough through it to take these and other shots, and did okay with the results.

Yes, I think I am over that issue.

I have been toying around with the thought of buying a new Nikon digicam as
well. The P510 model possesses the largest zoom range of any digicam- a 42x
zoom which is equivalent to a 1000mm lens in 35 mm film camera terms, but I
am starting to think buy the Fujifilm successor to mine with the largest zoom and take it from there.

Speaking of digital slr’s, after one hike with my older Olympus E-10 dangling around my neck like a 5 pound rock swinging away, I am starting to think they
will be staying in the top of the closet for a long, long time. I haven’t printed any
of these photos yet, but they would probably be good enough for my purposes here. Besides, my poor photo organizing method has resulted already in my losing the very best set that I ever did, the shots of the Cadillac Ranch near
Amarillo, Texas years ago- Sad smile.

Who knows, I may offer them up for sale- they are in champ shape for sure, hardly ever used.

Later on dudes!


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