Monday, April 2, 2012

Too much digital and not enough analog in my world.

Lately I have been thinking that I am spending way too much time on this
laptop and not enough outside in the real world. Wake up in the morning,
fire up the laptop. Turn it off at sleep time. Except when I am working of course.
Then, I bring it when I am on charters or other bus work which has lots of time off the clock.

So effective today, I am making a conscious effort to cut back on my time spent
in the digital world. This machine will still get plenty of use, but not at the expense of my real life, interacting with the world as it really is- you know sunshine, going places, seeing things, etc.

Actually I have thought of going cold turkey and dropping this almost completely, but decided that would require more willpower than I possess and
would probably be like a junkie getting off drugs- I am not certain that I could
or want to do that.

I am sitting in the laundry waiting for my clothes to dry, and realized that I had
lost 45 minutes to mindless net surfing- that is what I am talking about. So in
penance, after I am done here, I think that I will drive out to the desert and try
out the panorama feature on my, new to me, digicam.


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