Thursday, May 31, 2012

“Blogger Needed ASAP (Work Remotely)” from a Craigslist ad on 5/29/2012- run right out and apply! Details inside!

Here is the main part of the ad copy:

We need a blogger to regularly write and post legal-related (500 word) articles on our law firm's websites. Hired person will also need to set up, create and integrate blogs with linking to blog forums, blog directories, etc.
We will provide the main keywords and all blog article subjects. You must create original content - no copying other sites as we will check.
The blogger must have knowledge of keyword use, keyword density and SEO awareness for what we are seeking to achieve, namely using blogs to increase our SEO organic rankings.
We need the blogger to write 2-3 blog entries per week about the latest legal news and legal-related hot topics concerning Plaintiff's Personal Injury, Chemical Exposures, Drug Recalls, etc;
We need someone with excellent grammar, spelling, blogging skills and Wordpress experience.
We need 2-3 articles completed every week. No exceptions.
The blogger will produce these at home, post, and email us a copy of the article.
We need someone to start immediately.”

Sounds like an important position doesn’t it? Can I interpret parts of it for you?

Sentence one means you will set up the blogs and make sure you link to other
legal blogs, in hopes of getting the law firm’s blog out there where others will
see it.

Sentence two means the boss will tell you on what subject to write the post
about. You have to write something fresh- they will make sure you are not
cribbing from another law firm’s blog.

Sentence three is where the rubber meets the road. They are looking for a
blogger(like meWho me?) who knows how to write words that the Google bot looks for,
in hopes of rising to the tops of the search rankings. Here is an example below of just that, using this blog to illustrate the point.
ScreenHunter_06 May. 31 17.19

ScreenHunter_07 May. 31 17.20

ScreenHunter_08 May. 31 17.21

The reason for getting the high results in the search engine ratings is that most people find what they are looking for in the first page or two of the search results. Advertisers know this and evidently, judging by this Craig’s List ad, so do the lawyers! I know this also, but since I don’t have ads to make oodles of
money, I guess I will settle for the knowledge of a key word well written, instead.

I have many more examples of high search rankings but I wouldn’t want you folks to feel like I was being braggadocios. You really don’t have to though, as I am well aware that when I had Google ads on this page, I earned a whopping
thirteen dollars or so and they don’t cut a check until you get to the “Franklin
level” if you follow me.

In other words, you use keywords so that if someone searches for their specialty, their site will come up in the first few pages. That is a good goal, who
knows if it is achievable, considering the undisputed fact that lawyers is one thing that this country has, in spades.

Continuing, sentence four spells it out, 2-3 articles a week, on the firm’s special areas of expertise.

Sentence five means someone in total command of the written English language, guess I shouldn’t bother to applySurprised smile.

Sentence six reiterates that the blogger must produce 2-3 articles a week without fail!

Sentence’s seven and eight spell out the rest of the deal.

What’s that comment from the peanut gallery? How much do they pay? After
hearing all these demands and conditions, you have the nerve to bring up the
matter of how much you are going to get paid? Doesn’t the intrinsic satisfaction
of a job well done, a blog post well written mean anything to you? Okay, since
you want to be that way about it, I guess I had better cut-and-paste that last trifling matter to this serious blog post.


“Pay rate is $15/ per blog article posted to our blogs.”
Guess I will be going to the movies, by myself, payday.

Here is the rest of the legal mumbo jumbo from the link:

  • Location: Work Remotely
  • Compensation: $15/ per blog article posted to our blogs.
  • Telecommuting is ok.
  • This is a part-time job.
  • Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.
  • Please, no phone calls about this job!
  • Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.”

No offense to lawyers, but I think that I am finally starting to get why there are
so many lawyer jokes now. It took a while but now I am starting to get it.

If anybody would like to apply, here is the link to the post on the Los Angeles
Craigslist posting.

I may send the link to my article to that address, so that they can get a big laugh from my goofing on them, or maybe I will just receive a summons.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Conclusion- tried to film the video today at Big Morongo Canyon Preserve.

Yesterday I promised you that I would come back with some video and photos
from my 5 hour ordeal hauling my tripod and Nikon P510 digicam up and down
the Canyon Trail at Big Morongo Canyon Preserve in 90 degree F heat and with
breezy conditions. I also told you that I was attempting to film a video reading from the Reckoning with torture website, #11 as read by Robert Redford on the
ScreenHunter_01 May. 29 16.43

This is definitely not Robert Redford in the screenshot above.

You can hear the wind noise at the end of the video with just a slight breeze.

I made about 12 attempts to get the video right. Each time the wind kicked up
and ruined the effort. I don’t know what I am going to do next. As far as I can tell, there is no way to attach, nor is there an external microphone for this camera. The stereo mics are on the top of the camera body on each side of the
pop up flash unit. I guess that I will have to film this in a controlled setting in
the big city- if I can find one that is- and live with the results. I cannot begin to
tell you how sick this makes me, that I went up there and put forth all this effort
and came back with zip.

Don’t let my results stop you though. This is a well meaning project with laudable goals. I will get over this disappointment and get ‘er done as they say.
When you get yours done, feel free to come back here and let us know by commenting on this post. I will be proud and honored if you do.

And for those who just got to know, I came across a small band of bighorn and
managed to squeeze off a couple of photographs with the Nikon P510 on the
0528bmcp 009

0528bmcp 012

Below is my favorite one, I think you know why.
0528bmcp 014

Magnificent, the side turned horned profile. Remember if the photo is clipped, just double click and a new window will open with the whole picture.

Now here is the rest of the story. I spotted the small band of bighorn sheep across the trail from me on the hillside moving at a rapid clip. I had to quickly
climb up the embankment and set up the tripod, remove a white plastic bag that I tied over the camera to reflect the desert sunshine, and get the camera ready. As you can see, by the time I did all that, they were almost long gone.
But at least I got a couple of good shots!

After I made it down to Senor Cottonwood, filming video segments as I went at
promising locations, I slowly made my way up at a rapidly slowing pace, back to
the parking lot. I never saw the bighorns again.

Here is a video still from the last place that I tried filming, the wind was really bad here so it wouldn’t work out.
ScreenHunter_05 May. 29 17.35

I was saying I think the camera cut off, that’s when the batteries died in it. Luckily for those with sensitive dispositions, the rest of my expletive deleted
tirade was lost as well.


Monday, May 28, 2012

Tried to film the video today at Big Morongo Canyon Preserve

I chose to read the #11 which is regarding a military prosecutor who starts to
doubt the evidence against his client. You can see how to do this by visiting the link below. By the way, I chose to do the reading that Robert Redford did.
Talk about picking the toughest challenge.

I just got back to town at 8pm, left the preserve at 6 pm after 5 hours on the trail. I decided to hang it up after the battery died in the Nikon P510 after about
7 video attempts and a few bighorn photos.

I tried filming this at scenic spots like in the shade of Senor Cottonwood- hiked
down with a heavy tripod, that was a killer. The other killer was the never ending desert wind which sounds horrible in the videos.
052812bmcpcanon 002

I am too tired tonight but will post a sample video and a few photos tomorrow.

Thanks to all who have commented recently as well.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Torture, let’s do something about it.

Throughout our history and civilization, man has practiced torture. Torture has
been committed in the name of God, and for King and Queen, and Caliph, among others.

Of particular interest to this American blogger is the undisputed fact that
America has engaged in torture
, in a manner that would make Torquemada
jealous. Does waterboarding ring any bells? Here is a video showing the famous pundit, Christopher Hitchens getting waterboarded. It’s graphic. Warning!

There is no simulated drowning, you are being drowned.

You can also read Mr. Hitchens article entitled "Believe me, it's torture"  published in Vanity Fair magazine in August, 2008.

I am just a little blogger on the wild, wild web. Now an unemployed bus
driver looking for work. I believe that there is a God and that there is a higher
authority. And I don’t think that he believes in torture and neither should we.
I have no special insights, just remember the rules of right and wrong that were
taught me, especially those by my maternal grandmother, God rest her soul.

Torture is just plain wrong. Killing is wrong, hating is wrong, putting others
down because they are the wrong color is wrong, and drone bombing the Hell
out of the brown and black people across the ocean is wrong, an abomination.

We have set ourselves out there as an example of what an enlightened society should be from our very beginnings as a country, a shining light up on the hill,
while our sordid history is one of attempted extermination of the original inhabitants of this great land, we called it our Manifest Destiny, and now we are exporting that original violence all across the globe, this little blue and green orb that is the only home we have and will ever have, in danger more than ever in our civilized history, because that violence is us, it is what we do
as a people.

The sooner we face up to this, the better off we will be. You can’t begin to solve a problem until you define it first.

We are the problem, we have to be the solution.

Facing our history as torturers is a start, a small step on the way to a cure to
rid ourselves of at least some of the violence which is endemic within our national psyche, in our very dna as a nation.

Today, I came across a website and interview of a filmmaker, Doug Liman, son of famed attorney Arthur Liman who helped investigate the Iran-Contra scandal
years ago. The interview was by Bill Moyers, which you can watch below or download the transcript and read.

Reckoning with torture.

From this I surfed over to the filmmaker’s site and decided that this is the way
that I can help out with this problem. I intend to do a reading and have it filmed.
My suggestion is that you go to the Reckoning with torture site and read the
details and I also strongly suggest that you watch the video below. In a nutshell, our government after 9-11 had this man detained in a european country and then whisked him away to an undisclosed location and tortured the Hell out of him over many days, then dumped him out in a different country
on his own with no papers, and ultimately had to apologize to the government of Germany, whose citizen he was, but never offered an apology to this man.

Khalid El-Masri

I don’t know about you but when I hear shit like this it really pisses me off big time. Something needs to be done about it. My part will be to protest by filming
one of the scenes that they list in the script page. Scripts written and acted out
for real by the torturers and the tortured, in real life.

I hope that some of you will join me in this symbolic protest. Our souls and the soul of this nation demand it. The way to right a wrong is to try to do something about it, at least that is how I see it out on the backporch.


Another bighorn sighting at Big Morongo Canyon Preserve.

The weather was expected to turn cool and it did. Got downright windy also!

About 70 degrees F and about a 20 mph breeze, brrrrrr!!!!!

Folks, I just lost my work so far on this postAngry smile so I will continue this as a pictorial
account of this trip. I did take 2 cameras- a Nikon D70 digital slr with a 70-300
zoom and my new Nikon P510 with the awesome 24-1000mm zoom.

Along the Canyon trail at Big Morongo Canyon Preserve, I filmed this 3 minute or so long video, talking again about the GreenPath North transmission lines
which were stopped from coming through the scenic area by local people rising
up in opposition, and about the Ocotillo Express wind facility construction near
Anza-Borrego, which will result in the legal “take” or killing of 10 endangered
peninsula bighorn sheep onsite. Legal in the sense that the USF&WS has ok’d
the slaughter.

For the time being, this area is safe from the forces that would like to destroy it!

Next an unpaid commercial- I can’t begin to describe how delicious it is and
satisfying, to drink this semi-frozen on a hot day! This photo also shows my
big Nikon, notice the huge downed, long dead cottonwood which was astride
the trail!
052512bmcp 003

What happened? Wrong picture, here it is!
052512bmcp 041

The foul up above does show the capabilities of the P510, as it has a dedicated
food photography scene setting. There you guy, a free plug for Nikon as well.
Actually after 2 and 1/2 hours on the trail, I was daydreaming about that tasty
Philly Cheesesteak sandwich, let me tell you. I didn’t bring any snacks and was
hiking and picture taking for what ended up being 5 hours.Surprised smile

Surprisingly I ended up crossing paths with about 5 people and 1 dog down on
the trail, a shocking number as I can’t tell you how many times I have been the
only one out there, especially on scorching hot days. I asked these 2 young ladies if they saw any bighorn on the hillsides, and they said that they are just right around the corner literally.
052512bmcp 032

Click on the photo above and it will open in a new window, and at a larger size. The bighorn are on the left side of the
hill in the foreground. This photo is about what you would see with your own eyes if you had been there.
What follows next will be photos taken with both cameras. The photo above was taken with the Nikon P510. The one below
with the Nikon D70.
052512d70bmcp 033

This is a good time to make what some may feel is an unfair comparison
between these 2 fine cameras, one brand new with the latest technology and
one that I bought in January, 2005(the D70.) Unfair in the conclusion I come
to that is. This field trip perfectly illustrated what I felt already would happen,
that the D70 would blow the doors off of the new kid on the block, the P510, as
regards the autofocus capabilities of the lenses and cameras, and the viewfinders. The D70 has a bright optical viewfinder, there was no need to remove the camera from my eye to get an approximate location of the bighorn,
and it locked into focus with a snap, both actions the electronic viewfinder and
the focus mechanism on the new camera, struggled with. I can’t tell you how often I had to remove the P510 from my eye to look for those sheep these last
few trips up.

But the bottom line still is the P510 has a 1000mm optical zoom backed up
with a digital zoom, using interpolation, and mechanical image stabilization.
But if I had longer glass for the D70, between that and the weight
of the camera body, even with my tremor, I believe I would prefer the D70 for
the surer autofocus capabilities, but it would be a lot of work hauling that setup
up and down the hot, dusty trail.
052512d70bmcp 041

Above you can see the bighorn are about to come down off the hillside, perhaps to look for water. This was taken with
the D70. In all these shots taken at this time, I had the dial set to close up, and never noticed the mistake. Having said that,
I don’t see any flaws in focus on any of the shots. Amazing!
052512bmcp 037

The above shot was taken with the P510. As I have said in the past, there is a delay when you push the shutter and
with the tremor, sometimes the framing isn’t quite right, as in this photo. The photo below is from the P510 also.
052512bmcp 033

Below is another shot from the D70.
052512d70bmcp 010
And another.
052512d70bmcp 012

Again with the D70.
052512d70bmcp 016

What are you looking at? This was also from the D70.
052512d70bmcp 026

If the above is clipped on the rightside, and the easy way to tell is whether the whole blog address ends with .com, just
double click and the whole picture will open up in your browser.
Below are a couple more taken with the P510. These were taken on the way back up the trail over 2 and 1/2 hours later. The bighorn had moved way up the hillside beyond the reach of the zoom on the D70. The first photo shows a naked eye view.
052512bmcp 047

Now zoomed in to the 170 mm.
052512bmcp 048
Below at the max zoom on the P510.
052512bmcp 052

From the D70. At maximum zoom, 300 mm.
052512d70bmcp 100

And again the D70, these shots taken around the same time frame, after 1430 or so pm.
052512d70bmcp 088

After encountering the bighorn on the way down the trail, I continued down
to one of my favorite places and rested a spell under the watchful eye of my old friend, Senor Cottonwood. Then I turned around and hiked back up, taking
my time, looking for more bighorn. It ended up that I only saw the 3 photographed here, but I had hopes that more would appear, they didn’t so
I took photos of other things, such as these flowers.
052512d70bmcp 006
These flower photos were both taken with the D70.
052512d70bmcp 059

That is the nightshade flower above. Every so often, you hear of someone getting deathly ill or dying after trying
to take a psychedelic trip using this plant, don’t try it!

Below is a redtailed hawk way up in the air caught with the D70 after I was unable to locate it with the P510 viewfinder in
the bright sunshine.
052512d70bmcp 044

The above photograph I left large so you can see the bird, it was taken at the max zoom on the D70.

Below is a panorama made using the P510 showing the sheep on the hillside if
you use a magnifying glass. The black border is from my failure to push the button or something.
052512bmcp 031

052512bmcp 030

052512bmcp 028

The next panorama is my favorite, taken under a shade tree with bright sun outside.

052512bmcp 012

One more thing I wanted to show you. This photo taken near the marsh shows what may be a blind to hide a camera or other equipment. If anyone knows what it is for, please let me know.
052512bmcp 026

That’s all for today people. Hope you enjoyed your visit and have a good weekend.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Next to “crush” for Governor Jerry Brown and U.S.F.W.S., 10 of the last remaining Peninsula Bighorn Sheep near Anza- Borrego Desert State Park! Federal Judge rubber stamps decision!

What the hell is it going to take to wake the sleeping public up? I got it, we need to go find Bambi and put her out there in front of the bulldozers, making
sure that plenty of camera crews are on hand to document the gruesome scene, as the industrialists bulldozers and earthmovers run right over her!
Actually the court’s hired guns, the local cops, would probably taser the deer,
then beat its’ little head in with the butt of said taser, followed up with several
250+ pound fat goons elbow dropping it, all the time yelling”stop resisting, stop fighting!”

I am serious as the people, seem not to care a whit for bighorn sheep, or desert
tortoises, or kit foxes- maybe Bambi can make the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of wilderness, and in doing so, slow down this renewable energy freight train a little.

Some background information for you, the people, as well as long and short
term visitors to this blog. When you get a chance, Google a phrase such as this
and prepare to be amazed at all the results-“governor brown vows to crush opposition to renewable energy development.” Why don’t you open a new tab in your browser and check it out, and then come back here.
Continuing a couple of minutes later---

Right up front let me say that the fate of the desert is something that concerns
me. The fate of the desert tortoise concerns me. The impending death of these
10 bighorn, 5 ewes and 5 lambs, REALLY  CONCERNS ME! Look at my blog the last few weeks, after spending so much time around these magnificent animals in the wild, they grow on you. This struggle between the elites running this renewable energy show and the rest of us is starting to heat up now, and it will rain death down on those that can not defend themselves, same old thing- mankind destroying nature so that a few can get rich at the expense of everybody and everything else.
051812bighorn 043

Who will speak for the bighorn, if we won’t? If this photo is cut off, double click on it for a larger size image.

I am getting ahead of myself here. Here is the background to set the scene. Adjacent to the right side, as in across the fence, of Anza-Borrego Desert State
Park is the home to the Ocotillo Express wind facility which is now starting to be built as you read this. This facility will share a 5 mile long border with the park, in effect, cutting off the migration corridor of the bighorns. Said facility also will be powering around 1/5 of the homes originally planned, leading to the logical question of whether folks were sold a pig in a poke, what happened to the other 4/5’s of the homes to be powered? Should we help kill off the rest of the sheep for a measly 25,000 homes? You could build another natural gas fired plant which would have a miniscule footprint compared to this windmill monstrosity and cost way less money! Ooops, guess I just pissed off the environmentalists carbonmentalists with that idea, too bad!

But you know what is one of the most infuriating things about this debacle?
The Jerry “Crusher” Brown administration did its very best to silence the park
workers and others, to keep them muzzled so as not to alert the public to their latest scheme to destroy more habitat, more wilderness, allegedly under the guise of saving the planet from climate change, but in my opinion simply to reward financial supporters and to ingratiate themselves in advance with these
same ‘big moneyed interests” before the voters toss their sorry asses out in the damned street, which they surely may do if the arrogance currently on display in Sacramento continues, as it will, they are human after all, and not

By the way, you don’t have to take my word on the muzzling either- go to this
story to hear it from what I consider unimpeachable sources. You will also find
other parts to this story which will help you to get a grip on this situation. It won’t help stop the destruction, but it will at least make you aware of it. Don’t forget to pay close attention to the area of this new wind facility that has been declared an “official” bighorn habitat, wonder how much the wind operators had to pay to get that abomination written into the deal?

But wait, there’s more! The Quechan tribe, supposedly consulted before the deal, tried to get an emergency restraining order issued by a federal court judge to stop the bulldozing of their sacred sites- denied! A marsupial like ruling in a marsupial like court if I ever read about one. Read the “legal” details
here. The Quechans were consulted all right, kind of like the fox consulting the
hens on the henhouse security. When are the people going to see through this
legal charade, and see what it for what it really is- the turning over of the public’s land to private corporations to make a killing off of financially, and unfortunately to kill anything plant or animal, that has the misfortune of being in the way. Not that it matters, not when “the people” can watch Brittany or Kim or Snooki on the BOOB TUBE along with the rest of the propaganda the idiot box spews out constantly.

Fear not though, we aren’t the only ones being hosed by Massa in Washington
and Sacramento, the Europeans also are the recipients of the same shady dealings by the renewable energy operators and their Quislings in the government, read about that here. Same modus operandi, even preserves are
getting screwed over there, just like here, as with our wilderness areas.

Mark my words, folks. I have said it before and it bears repeating- coming soon to a wilderness or forest or mountain view that you care for, is something like this- and you won’t be able to do a damn thing about it!
021311mnptrip 009

Just remember who told you so. Here is a video from an activist I believe showing a train heading to the project site area with parts of the wind turbines. Watch it, so you will able to know what to look for when it comes your way.

Coming soon to your neck of the woods! The renewable energy freight train.

Folks, I laid a lot on you tonight. There is a lot of information to process here.
It appears that barring a miracle, the Anza-Borrego bighorns may be doomed in
the long and possibly short term, sold out by the idiots the powers that be over
at the USF&WS on direct orders I am sure, from the BIG BOSS Salazar in DC,
who got his orders from our first green president Obama, also known as the
King of the Drones, who got his orders from the string pullers on Wall Street.
Meanwhile the rest of us, we get to sit back, watch the shit happen, and then pay for it all!

Late flash from the newsroom. There is a big wildfire to the east of Julian, California- near the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, on the other side, and within miles of Yaquitepec, home of Marshal South in the 1930’s and 40’s, and
his family. You can get updates on the fire here. It appears to be about 5% contained and is burning toward Borrego.

Just when you think the news can’t get any worse-----------



Monday, May 21, 2012

BBC American Nomads documentary

Some of you may have seen this already, if you haven’t, I highly recommend it.
Watch it here or click on Youtube and watch it over there.

89 minutes long, get your coffee and settle down for a good video!

Evidently this may have been on last year, the backporch as usual is just a
little behind. Interesting story told by Richard Grant, the main interviewer, about
being on the road for years- and he still misses it today.

Actually right at this instance, it is calling out to yours truly as well.


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bighorn whisperer, redux.

06/04/12- There have been so many viewers to this post, that I think that they
might actually be interested in seeing desert bighorn photographs. So I want to let you guys know that after you finish this article, click on the new link right before my signature at the end and that link will take you to my latest encounter with the bighorn sheep and some REAL CLOSEUPS, as in like this
actual full size crop from one. Remember click on the link right above Morongobill at the end of this article.

Folks, this is a work in progress, with me writing and putting up videos as I go
and posting it every so often. So keep coming back for more. I will put a note up in this color font at the finish when the post is completed.

Friday was a mild day by desert standards with Palm Springs only going up to the mid 90’s and the parking lot at Big Morongo Canyon Preserve reaching 80
degrees F under the leafy boughs of the giant Fremont cottonwood giants over

In other words, perfect weather to sally forth, in search of the elusive bighorn sheep!

On my way down, I passed a pollen laden mesquite and filmed this video.

Filmed at Big Morongo Canyon Preserve May, 2012.

So off I went, down through the marsh on my way to the canyon trail. I filmed
this 2 minute video while passing through, which will give you an idea of what
it is like out there. Note, there were no other people around- I had it all to myself.

051812bighorn 002
Above is the junction of the Mesquite Trail and the Canyon Trail, turn left heading downhill to get to the bighorn
051812bighorn 006

In the above photo, the autofocus focused to the right of the bird.

Yesterday, I posted the photo of my leg with the allergic rash. This video shows
a little of that part of the trail. In springtime, there is a stream here with a small waterfall, but this day it was dry. I took the opportunity to film a short video where I discussed the environmentalist vs conservationist debate in the perfect
setting for it. Just because a gas pipeline runs through the Big Morongo Canyon Preserve, does that mean that it is ruined? Thanks to the outraged local citizenry, the giant “GreenPath North” power transmission line project was
shelved by LADWP and this verdant oasis has been saved, hopefully for all time. After all, they said Ivanpah was a perfect site for green energy development- it had a casino and a golf course nearby!

No green energy transmissions line through here, no way!

After filming the above video, I continued on, now starting to feel the suspense
growing, would I run across the bighorn herd again? The photo below answers
that question, I think.
051812bighorn 009

That’s a bighorn to the left of the dead tree. This is exactly when I first spotted them.

051812bighorn 011

In the above shot, is an example of bad bokeh. I really don’t care for how the new Nikon digicam handled the
background at max zoom. Click on the image to open in a window by itself to see what I mean.
051812bighorn 016

051812bighorn 017

I never did find out what they were looking at in this photo. In the next one, you see what having benign tremor can do when
combined with a shutter lag when photographing at max zoom. Obviously I intended to have the shot framed higher, I am including this poor shot to show just how capable this new camera would be if handled by someone with a steadier hand. The
issue was not with the electronic viewfinder, the camera moved as I was pushing the shutter and while there was a slight lag
between “squeezing the trigger and the camera filming the scene.
051812bighorn 020
This next one is just right.
051812bighorn 021

I like the next one a lot, look at the “kid” peering down at me. Did you know that the eyesight of bighorn sheep is 8x that of
humans and that they can spot us a mile away? And that within one day, a kid can follow along the mom on the trail, on the hillside.
051812bighorn 025

051812bighorn 026

Above is a female I believe and below is another group, possibly all ewes.
051812bighorn 027

Again, if the edge is cut off, just double click on the photo and it should open up by itself in a new window.
Below, is it young love?
051812bighorn 032

By this time I had taken many photos and the temperature was starting to rise a
little. Going down the trail I was startled to come across a small group of about
four bighorn, on the hillside, eating away at the greenery.
051812bighorn 047

What, you never saw a lady eat? In the next photo it looks like a creosote bush is being devoured!
051812bighorn 053

051812bighorn 054

In the above panorama, you can barely see the bighorns to the left of the dead cottonwood skeleton.

One thing I have learned is when all the bighorns look in the same direction, they have a reason. Either they are looking for predators, or looking for the boss ram. I looked and looked, not seeing either. Then he popped out from the
hillside background, how did I miss him?
051812bighorn 071

Evidently he was standing about 200 yards away on the hillside watching me intently the whole time. I felt the weight of his stare.
051812bighorn 066

This I think is the best photograph I have taken in a long time. Miraculously the camera and my tremor worked seamlessly together, this is exactly the photo that I intended to take. After taking this photo, the ram de-escalated the situation by turning around and starting to eat, threat analyzed and pigeon- holed as no threat, back to the serious business of gorging on all this
tasty salad.
051812bighorn 074
Below is my goodbye photo.
051812bighorn 076

After this I headed on down the trail with the goal of seeing Senor Cottonwood, here is a photo of his grizzled “eminence.”
051812bighorn 080

I took a panorama but the shot failed, here is a screen shot of what I could salvage of it. I guess my battery was starting
to die in the new camera.
ScreenHunter_03 May. 20 12.34

After a short visit with the aged one, I continued down the trail another 1/2 mile
and turned around and started back the steep climb uphill. Coming back upon
the shade of Senor Cottonwood, I rested about 15 minutes or so and headed out, hoping to run across the bighorns again.

Would I be disappointed?
051812bighorn 087

051812bighorn 095

051812bighorn 099

051812bighorn 102

After a short visit, in which I got a little closer up the hillside to the group, without crossing the “hidden go no farther point,” I decided to wave goodbye and head back to see if I would be able to spot the other group, the larger one.
I did but it wasn’t easy as they had started moving way up the canyon hillside.
Thanks to the massive 1000mm zoom of my Nikon  P510 digicam, I was able to fire off a couple more decent shots.
051812bighorn 106

051812bighorn 109

051812bighorn 117

051812bighorn 116

Can you spot the bighorn sheep in this next photo, this is how your eye would see the scene, no zoom.
051812bighorn 110

By this time, my aching feet encased in my wore out hiking shoes were in full chorus mode, singing lustily, telling me to get back up to the parking lot. In fact, I barely made it running out of fluids when I reached the trail sign posted earlier on this post.

This was a great day, a fun visit again with the bighorn herd, for me and not too big of an annoyance for them, I don’t believe.

Well I hope you enjoyed the post and that we will see you again, perhaps on the trail. For more info please comment or email me.

This post is now complete, with no further additions.

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When in Big Morongo Canyon Preserve, walk softly and carry a big zoom lens!