Thursday, May 31, 2012

“Blogger Needed ASAP (Work Remotely)” from a Craigslist ad on 5/29/2012- run right out and apply! Details inside!

Here is the main part of the ad copy:

We need a blogger to regularly write and post legal-related (500 word) articles on our law firm's websites. Hired person will also need to set up, create and integrate blogs with linking to blog forums, blog directories, etc.
We will provide the main keywords and all blog article subjects. You must create original content - no copying other sites as we will check.
The blogger must have knowledge of keyword use, keyword density and SEO awareness for what we are seeking to achieve, namely using blogs to increase our SEO organic rankings.
We need the blogger to write 2-3 blog entries per week about the latest legal news and legal-related hot topics concerning Plaintiff's Personal Injury, Chemical Exposures, Drug Recalls, etc;
We need someone with excellent grammar, spelling, blogging skills and Wordpress experience.
We need 2-3 articles completed every week. No exceptions.
The blogger will produce these at home, post, and email us a copy of the article.
We need someone to start immediately.”

Sounds like an important position doesn’t it? Can I interpret parts of it for you?

Sentence one means you will set up the blogs and make sure you link to other
legal blogs, in hopes of getting the law firm’s blog out there where others will
see it.

Sentence two means the boss will tell you on what subject to write the post
about. You have to write something fresh- they will make sure you are not
cribbing from another law firm’s blog.

Sentence three is where the rubber meets the road. They are looking for a
blogger(like meWho me?) who knows how to write words that the Google bot looks for,
in hopes of rising to the tops of the search rankings. Here is an example below of just that, using this blog to illustrate the point.
ScreenHunter_06 May. 31 17.19

ScreenHunter_07 May. 31 17.20

ScreenHunter_08 May. 31 17.21

The reason for getting the high results in the search engine ratings is that most people find what they are looking for in the first page or two of the search results. Advertisers know this and evidently, judging by this Craig’s List ad, so do the lawyers! I know this also, but since I don’t have ads to make oodles of
money, I guess I will settle for the knowledge of a key word well written, instead.

I have many more examples of high search rankings but I wouldn’t want you folks to feel like I was being braggadocios. You really don’t have to though, as I am well aware that when I had Google ads on this page, I earned a whopping
thirteen dollars or so and they don’t cut a check until you get to the “Franklin
level” if you follow me.

In other words, you use keywords so that if someone searches for their specialty, their site will come up in the first few pages. That is a good goal, who
knows if it is achievable, considering the undisputed fact that lawyers is one thing that this country has, in spades.

Continuing, sentence four spells it out, 2-3 articles a week, on the firm’s special areas of expertise.

Sentence five means someone in total command of the written English language, guess I shouldn’t bother to applySurprised smile.

Sentence six reiterates that the blogger must produce 2-3 articles a week without fail!

Sentence’s seven and eight spell out the rest of the deal.

What’s that comment from the peanut gallery? How much do they pay? After
hearing all these demands and conditions, you have the nerve to bring up the
matter of how much you are going to get paid? Doesn’t the intrinsic satisfaction
of a job well done, a blog post well written mean anything to you? Okay, since
you want to be that way about it, I guess I had better cut-and-paste that last trifling matter to this serious blog post.


“Pay rate is $15/ per blog article posted to our blogs.”
Guess I will be going to the movies, by myself, payday.

Here is the rest of the legal mumbo jumbo from the link:

  • Location: Work Remotely
  • Compensation: $15/ per blog article posted to our blogs.
  • Telecommuting is ok.
  • This is a part-time job.
  • Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.
  • Please, no phone calls about this job!
  • Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.”

No offense to lawyers, but I think that I am finally starting to get why there are
so many lawyer jokes now. It took a while but now I am starting to get it.

If anybody would like to apply, here is the link to the post on the Los Angeles
Craigslist posting.

I may send the link to my article to that address, so that they can get a big laugh from my goofing on them, or maybe I will just receive a summons.


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