Thursday, May 3, 2012

Morongobill’s videos on Vimeo

In my rush to get the pre-construction Ivanpah SEGS site videos up, I
didn’t really pay attention to the finished product. Kind of like the solar
farm siting process, I guessEmbarrassed smile.

So right now in the background, I am replacing the Video of the Ivanpah visit#
17 on 3/10/2010 to see how that goes. I am going to replace all these with the
original full sized .avi images as recorded by my little Canon digicam, so the
file sizes will be larger.

There seems to be an issue with Vimeo’s file uploader, why did it upload a 26 meg file but then stay at 94% complete and upload another 60 meg? By the time you read this, it may or may not be resolved.

I checked the box marked make mobile versions of all your videos- so I guess it
was planning on downloading all the original files for my 71 videos that are up.
Glad I figured that out, whew!

As of 1252 Pacific Time, conversion of this video hasn’t begun, hopefully it will

A reminder, these videos can be used, video still shots can be used on your
websites, etc just be sure to credit Morongobill’s Backporch or Bill Mcdonald.


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