Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mother Jones is trying to fix social security. Here is my take.

Do I have your attention???

This is a priority, when you finish reading the post and the article at Mother Jones, read the 3 comments below, from a person who works at an organization that is trying to deal with the social security issue, perhaps not
in a way that I would think of, but who has respectfully disagreed with my
opinions here.

Now this is what I call commenting- taking issue with the writer and pointing out
the reasons for doing so. Do you have comments on what I wrote? Who do you think is right? Why do you think that?

May I suggest that you visit my commenter’s employer’s site here?

All are welcome to weigh in on this issue as I will once I have visited the site and looked around in all the nooks and crannies.

My thanks to the commenter. There hasn’t been this much excitement on the Backporch in a long time!
End of update. Begin the original post.

You can read Kevin Drum’s article here.

This is what I think of the problem, this is actually my comments left on their

Let's see. In the 80's they "fixed" social security which resulted in a huge surplus over the years which the politicians "stole" or "borrowed" or "used as the law allowed," whatever floats your boat, and now, when it is time to pay back that money owed, social security is "sick" or "on its' last legs" or "heading over the cliff."

You know, there are a lot of smart city folks on this forum, that is plain to see. Out in the country, this looks pretty simple. The politicians wailing like cats getting their tails mashed about how social security is in so much peril, those folks JUST DON'T WANT TO PAY BACK THE MONEY THAT THEY "BORROWED." That's all it is. They took the money and ran.

I say make 'em pay. If it means stopping the American War Machine, tough, make 'em pay.

If it means clawing back the tax cuts for the rich, tough titty, make 'em pay.

If it means, keeping Uncle Sam's long nose out of the rest of the world's business, too bad, make 'em pay.

Live within our means, concentrate on making our part of the world a better place to live, pay our bills.

Spend less time looking at spreadsheets and more time observing our how our world here in Amerika has gone to Hell in a handbasket, and try to figure out how to fix things here.

I did take the liberty of correcting a couple of words, I guess my fingers were
moving faster than my thinking.

Feel free to join the discussion over at Mother Jones about this.


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