Saturday, May 12, 2012

My latest tool- the Nikon P510 digicam.

Decided to go with the Nikon P510, a 42 x zoom equivalent 24-1000mm lens,
which takes 16 megapixel images, tags them with gps location data, plus can
do 1080 pp HD video. It also has vibration reduction.

I am off to try it out. More later.

Here are a couple of shots at maximum zoom from San Pedro, California.
051212san_pedro 019

Above is the bow of the Sapphire Princess cruise ship. Below is the back end of a container ship sailing down the
channel toward the dock. This was far off, enough that atmospheric conditions caused the wavy lines in the photo.
Click on the top photo and it will open in a window by itself, the water droplets are from the dancing fountains that
erupt when the music starts playing.
051212san_pedro 015

Below is a screen shot from HD video taken aboard the Red Line Car, an electric trolley which runs from the cruise terminal
over to near Cabrillo Beach.
ScreenHunter_01 May. 12 19.14

The above video started as a 100 meg+ file which I converted to mp4 format
reducing the file size to 21 meg. To me, it sure looks much clearer than anything I have done before with either the Canon or Fuji digicams. I thank
all of my readers for their patience with my poor previous efforts at video.

I am pleased so far with the results and look forward to taking this new camera
out to the desert or the mountains soon!

All aboard!


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