Thursday, May 24, 2012

Next to “crush” for Governor Jerry Brown and U.S.F.W.S., 10 of the last remaining Peninsula Bighorn Sheep near Anza- Borrego Desert State Park! Federal Judge rubber stamps decision!

What the hell is it going to take to wake the sleeping public up? I got it, we need to go find Bambi and put her out there in front of the bulldozers, making
sure that plenty of camera crews are on hand to document the gruesome scene, as the industrialists bulldozers and earthmovers run right over her!
Actually the court’s hired guns, the local cops, would probably taser the deer,
then beat its’ little head in with the butt of said taser, followed up with several
250+ pound fat goons elbow dropping it, all the time yelling”stop resisting, stop fighting!”

I am serious as the people, seem not to care a whit for bighorn sheep, or desert
tortoises, or kit foxes- maybe Bambi can make the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of wilderness, and in doing so, slow down this renewable energy freight train a little.

Some background information for you, the people, as well as long and short
term visitors to this blog. When you get a chance, Google a phrase such as this
and prepare to be amazed at all the results-“governor brown vows to crush opposition to renewable energy development.” Why don’t you open a new tab in your browser and check it out, and then come back here.
Continuing a couple of minutes later---

Right up front let me say that the fate of the desert is something that concerns
me. The fate of the desert tortoise concerns me. The impending death of these
10 bighorn, 5 ewes and 5 lambs, REALLY  CONCERNS ME! Look at my blog the last few weeks, after spending so much time around these magnificent animals in the wild, they grow on you. This struggle between the elites running this renewable energy show and the rest of us is starting to heat up now, and it will rain death down on those that can not defend themselves, same old thing- mankind destroying nature so that a few can get rich at the expense of everybody and everything else.
051812bighorn 043

Who will speak for the bighorn, if we won’t? If this photo is cut off, double click on it for a larger size image.

I am getting ahead of myself here. Here is the background to set the scene. Adjacent to the right side, as in across the fence, of Anza-Borrego Desert State
Park is the home to the Ocotillo Express wind facility which is now starting to be built as you read this. This facility will share a 5 mile long border with the park, in effect, cutting off the migration corridor of the bighorns. Said facility also will be powering around 1/5 of the homes originally planned, leading to the logical question of whether folks were sold a pig in a poke, what happened to the other 4/5’s of the homes to be powered? Should we help kill off the rest of the sheep for a measly 25,000 homes? You could build another natural gas fired plant which would have a miniscule footprint compared to this windmill monstrosity and cost way less money! Ooops, guess I just pissed off the environmentalists carbonmentalists with that idea, too bad!

But you know what is one of the most infuriating things about this debacle?
The Jerry “Crusher” Brown administration did its very best to silence the park
workers and others, to keep them muzzled so as not to alert the public to their latest scheme to destroy more habitat, more wilderness, allegedly under the guise of saving the planet from climate change, but in my opinion simply to reward financial supporters and to ingratiate themselves in advance with these
same ‘big moneyed interests” before the voters toss their sorry asses out in the damned street, which they surely may do if the arrogance currently on display in Sacramento continues, as it will, they are human after all, and not

By the way, you don’t have to take my word on the muzzling either- go to this
story to hear it from what I consider unimpeachable sources. You will also find
other parts to this story which will help you to get a grip on this situation. It won’t help stop the destruction, but it will at least make you aware of it. Don’t forget to pay close attention to the area of this new wind facility that has been declared an “official” bighorn habitat, wonder how much the wind operators had to pay to get that abomination written into the deal?

But wait, there’s more! The Quechan tribe, supposedly consulted before the deal, tried to get an emergency restraining order issued by a federal court judge to stop the bulldozing of their sacred sites- denied! A marsupial like ruling in a marsupial like court if I ever read about one. Read the “legal” details
here. The Quechans were consulted all right, kind of like the fox consulting the
hens on the henhouse security. When are the people going to see through this
legal charade, and see what it for what it really is- the turning over of the public’s land to private corporations to make a killing off of financially, and unfortunately to kill anything plant or animal, that has the misfortune of being in the way. Not that it matters, not when “the people” can watch Brittany or Kim or Snooki on the BOOB TUBE along with the rest of the propaganda the idiot box spews out constantly.

Fear not though, we aren’t the only ones being hosed by Massa in Washington
and Sacramento, the Europeans also are the recipients of the same shady dealings by the renewable energy operators and their Quislings in the government, read about that here. Same modus operandi, even preserves are
getting screwed over there, just like here, as with our wilderness areas.

Mark my words, folks. I have said it before and it bears repeating- coming soon to a wilderness or forest or mountain view that you care for, is something like this- and you won’t be able to do a damn thing about it!
021311mnptrip 009

Just remember who told you so. Here is a video from an activist I believe showing a train heading to the project site area with parts of the wind turbines. Watch it, so you will able to know what to look for when it comes your way.

Coming soon to your neck of the woods! The renewable energy freight train.

Folks, I laid a lot on you tonight. There is a lot of information to process here.
It appears that barring a miracle, the Anza-Borrego bighorns may be doomed in
the long and possibly short term, sold out by the idiots the powers that be over
at the USF&WS on direct orders I am sure, from the BIG BOSS Salazar in DC,
who got his orders from our first green president Obama, also known as the
King of the Drones, who got his orders from the string pullers on Wall Street.
Meanwhile the rest of us, we get to sit back, watch the shit happen, and then pay for it all!

Late flash from the newsroom. There is a big wildfire to the east of Julian, California- near the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, on the other side, and within miles of Yaquitepec, home of Marshal South in the 1930’s and 40’s, and
his family. You can get updates on the fire here. It appears to be about 5% contained and is burning toward Borrego.

Just when you think the news can’t get any worse-----------



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