Sunday, May 27, 2012

Torture, let’s do something about it.

Throughout our history and civilization, man has practiced torture. Torture has
been committed in the name of God, and for King and Queen, and Caliph, among others.

Of particular interest to this American blogger is the undisputed fact that
America has engaged in torture
, in a manner that would make Torquemada
jealous. Does waterboarding ring any bells? Here is a video showing the famous pundit, Christopher Hitchens getting waterboarded. It’s graphic. Warning!

There is no simulated drowning, you are being drowned.

You can also read Mr. Hitchens article entitled "Believe me, it's torture"  published in Vanity Fair magazine in August, 2008.

I am just a little blogger on the wild, wild web. Now an unemployed bus
driver looking for work. I believe that there is a God and that there is a higher
authority. And I don’t think that he believes in torture and neither should we.
I have no special insights, just remember the rules of right and wrong that were
taught me, especially those by my maternal grandmother, God rest her soul.

Torture is just plain wrong. Killing is wrong, hating is wrong, putting others
down because they are the wrong color is wrong, and drone bombing the Hell
out of the brown and black people across the ocean is wrong, an abomination.

We have set ourselves out there as an example of what an enlightened society should be from our very beginnings as a country, a shining light up on the hill,
while our sordid history is one of attempted extermination of the original inhabitants of this great land, we called it our Manifest Destiny, and now we are exporting that original violence all across the globe, this little blue and green orb that is the only home we have and will ever have, in danger more than ever in our civilized history, because that violence is us, it is what we do
as a people.

The sooner we face up to this, the better off we will be. You can’t begin to solve a problem until you define it first.

We are the problem, we have to be the solution.

Facing our history as torturers is a start, a small step on the way to a cure to
rid ourselves of at least some of the violence which is endemic within our national psyche, in our very dna as a nation.

Today, I came across a website and interview of a filmmaker, Doug Liman, son of famed attorney Arthur Liman who helped investigate the Iran-Contra scandal
years ago. The interview was by Bill Moyers, which you can watch below or download the transcript and read.

Reckoning with torture.

From this I surfed over to the filmmaker’s site and decided that this is the way
that I can help out with this problem. I intend to do a reading and have it filmed.
My suggestion is that you go to the Reckoning with torture site and read the
details and I also strongly suggest that you watch the video below. In a nutshell, our government after 9-11 had this man detained in a european country and then whisked him away to an undisclosed location and tortured the Hell out of him over many days, then dumped him out in a different country
on his own with no papers, and ultimately had to apologize to the government of Germany, whose citizen he was, but never offered an apology to this man.

Khalid El-Masri

I don’t know about you but when I hear shit like this it really pisses me off big time. Something needs to be done about it. My part will be to protest by filming
one of the scenes that they list in the script page. Scripts written and acted out
for real by the torturers and the tortured, in real life.

I hope that some of you will join me in this symbolic protest. Our souls and the soul of this nation demand it. The way to right a wrong is to try to do something about it, at least that is how I see it out on the backporch.


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