Monday, May 28, 2012

Tried to film the video today at Big Morongo Canyon Preserve

I chose to read the #11 which is regarding a military prosecutor who starts to
doubt the evidence against his client. You can see how to do this by visiting the link below. By the way, I chose to do the reading that Robert Redford did.
Talk about picking the toughest challenge.

I just got back to town at 8pm, left the preserve at 6 pm after 5 hours on the trail. I decided to hang it up after the battery died in the Nikon P510 after about
7 video attempts and a few bighorn photos.

I tried filming this at scenic spots like in the shade of Senor Cottonwood- hiked
down with a heavy tripod, that was a killer. The other killer was the never ending desert wind which sounds horrible in the videos.
052812bmcpcanon 002

I am too tired tonight but will post a sample video and a few photos tomorrow.

Thanks to all who have commented recently as well.


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