Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Conclusion- tried to film the video today at Big Morongo Canyon Preserve.

Yesterday I promised you that I would come back with some video and photos
from my 5 hour ordeal hauling my tripod and Nikon P510 digicam up and down
the Canyon Trail at Big Morongo Canyon Preserve in 90 degree F heat and with
breezy conditions. I also told you that I was attempting to film a video reading from the Reckoning with torture website, #11 as read by Robert Redford on the
ScreenHunter_01 May. 29 16.43

This is definitely not Robert Redford in the screenshot above.

You can hear the wind noise at the end of the video with just a slight breeze.

I made about 12 attempts to get the video right. Each time the wind kicked up
and ruined the effort. I don’t know what I am going to do next. As far as I can tell, there is no way to attach, nor is there an external microphone for this camera. The stereo mics are on the top of the camera body on each side of the
pop up flash unit. I guess that I will have to film this in a controlled setting in
the big city- if I can find one that is- and live with the results. I cannot begin to
tell you how sick this makes me, that I went up there and put forth all this effort
and came back with zip.

Don’t let my results stop you though. This is a well meaning project with laudable goals. I will get over this disappointment and get ‘er done as they say.
When you get yours done, feel free to come back here and let us know by commenting on this post. I will be proud and honored if you do.

And for those who just got to know, I came across a small band of bighorn and
managed to squeeze off a couple of photographs with the Nikon P510 on the
0528bmcp 009

0528bmcp 012

Below is my favorite one, I think you know why.
0528bmcp 014

Magnificent, the side turned horned profile. Remember if the photo is clipped, just double click and a new window will open with the whole picture.

Now here is the rest of the story. I spotted the small band of bighorn sheep across the trail from me on the hillside moving at a rapid clip. I had to quickly
climb up the embankment and set up the tripod, remove a white plastic bag that I tied over the camera to reflect the desert sunshine, and get the camera ready. As you can see, by the time I did all that, they were almost long gone.
But at least I got a couple of good shots!

After I made it down to Senor Cottonwood, filming video segments as I went at
promising locations, I slowly made my way up at a rapidly slowing pace, back to
the parking lot. I never saw the bighorns again.

Here is a video still from the last place that I tried filming, the wind was really bad here so it wouldn’t work out.
ScreenHunter_05 May. 29 17.35

I was saying I think the camera cut off, that’s when the batteries died in it. Luckily for those with sensitive dispositions, the rest of my expletive deleted
tirade was lost as well.


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