Friday, June 1, 2012

I intend to keep on keeping on.

With the living out my life, whether I find another job or not, whether I live in a
house or in my car, whether I end up in the city or out in the Slabs. Some of you may recall that I was discharged from my job as a bus driver on May 16th
due to an unfortunate accident where my bus rear ended a cargo truck on the
freeway- to make a long story short, traffic came to a screeching stop, and my
bus a little too late. There were no injuries but some damage to the front end of my bus.

Now as they promised, my former employer is moving to deny my appeal for
unemployment based, I believe, on an allegation of gross or willful misconduct by me, in that they allege that I was following too close, a violation of company policy. This obviously is distressing to me as I was told to my face at the termination meeting that I was a great employee in one breath, and in the next that they would fight my unemployment request for cause, and they would not tell me what that cause was. I am only guessing their strategy based upon my research efforts into arcane unemployment law, and from the telephone interview that I had with a young lady from the state unemployment office today.

Let me just say in no uncertain terms that I do not intend on giving up this struggle to obtain unemployment compensation in this time of economic depression- I may lose but it will not be because I didn’t try. I cannot afford a lawyer to represent me at an appeal hearing if it comes to that, but as I have told friends and relatives- I was told by two former law partners who represented me in a matter years ago, that I thought like an attorney and they offered to train and hire me as their paralegal. I turned the offer down but never forgot what they said. The lady has long since passed on, but I never forgot what she told me and I am going to try to carry on as she would think that I would. So I may be spending more time doing legal research on the net and looking for other employment, than spending a lot of time hiking, writing and photographing, that is what I am telling you.

Speaking of keeping on keeping on- I finally did it- got the torture reading done
tonight on video- had to film it in a room in the house- not where I envisioned doing it but we can only do what we can do. I would have much rather filmed it under the leafy boughs of Senor Cottonwood down the desert canyon- it just wasn’t meant to be, I guess.
ScreenHunter_01 Jun. 01 20.46

Probably like me and bus driving. By the way, I do have one company that might be interested in me, I have my fingers and toes crossed, and perhaps I will be working again soon. Hope springs eternal, you know. On the other hand, it could just be another false glimmer, one of what I am sure will be many.

You hear of things like this but it doesn’t really sink in until it happens to you or
someone you know and care about. For your sake, I hope it doesn’t happen to you or someone you know. It just goes to show that you never truly understand
what is going on with someone until you walk a mile in their shoes as the old
country saying goes.

I thank you for listening. Even if I go a few days with no update to the site, I will
still be coming by and checking on it- you know how I get writers block- don’t
give up on the backporch- I won’t and I hope to see you again here soon.


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