Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A moving moment that I saw by accident…

Because you know that I rarely watch television.

But last night while sitting at the kitchen table surfing the net, I just happened
to look over at what my roommate was watching and got blown away, just like that time that I saw the Scottish lady, Susan Boyle, bring an audience,including
yours truly to tears with her singing of “I dreamed a dream” from Les Miserables. I wrote about that and linked to the video of her performance here.
Or if you prefer just watch the video below, it is excellent.

A voice like an angel.

Actually you really need to watch the above video first before you read any farther- make sure you have tissues handy as you may need them.

You know I told friends and family at the time that I thought that was some of the best television programming ever filmed, and for sure that I had watched in my life. I thought that I would never see anything like it again in my life, boy was I wrong. Last night, I was proved wrong. You will need to keep the tissues
handy again for this video as well.

This is from America’s got Talent, this show aired last night.

This was the first time that he ever performed in public, even his parents were unaware of his talent.

Click here to go the webpage hosting the video

When this cynical, anti tv blogger admits to getting tears in his eyes from
a television performance, it is great. I think that we are watching another star
emerge, like a butterfly emerging from the chrysalis.

You are really missing out on an exquisite and moving performance, if you
don’t watch this.


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