Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Problem with ankle cancelling bighorn excursions for indefinite period.

And I am definitely getting “bummed out” over this.

About a week ago and after just a few days on my new job, as I was getting
in or out of the Morongomobile, I felt a tug or pain in my left ankle, which has
not gone away and which has worsened, sometimes to the point that I can barely get out of my car or the bus that I am driving. I tried a heating pad and have taken Aleve for the pain and to assist the healing process. I do not have
healthcare anymore and did not sign up for COBRA through my former employer due to the $400 plus fee monthly. I do have access to VA healthcare
but it requires that I go sit for hours at the Long Beach main VA hospital and
this will have to cripple me before I will do that. However, that attitude will most
likely be adjusted if the problem continues much longer.

So in the meantime, any desert runs will be driving and any photographs will be
taken from the roadside, as Ansel Adams and Westin used to do. One of them said that if it couldn’t be photographed from the roadside, it wasn’t worth photographing; I used to disagree with that, but not right now, it sounds like
good advice.
archivecd13 031
One day I will tell the story behind the above photograph which was taken near the Continental Divide in New Mexico
off I-40 around 2005 while I was driving cross country in the previous Morongomobile.

The big problem with this situation is that my new employer requires their shuttle bus drivers to get off the bus every stop and this constant pushing off
with this bad ankle is aggravating the condition- if the trend continues and if
the condition doesn’t improve soon, it may put me out of work again.

Sometimes I feel like all I have is bad luck.



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