Friday, June 8, 2012

There may be some good news coming and a mea culpa.

Of course, I am referring to the employment front.

Not counting chickens before they are hatched, but it appears that I may be getting back into the bus business next week. To say that I am delighted is an understatement. To say that I am grateful for a second chance is an under-

We will just wait and see- in the meantime, until I am firmly ensconced behind
the wheel, I will keep searching on the job search front, looking at any and all situations available, and there aren’t that many out there, unlike in previous
years- what I have said all along may be the stone cold truth, that we are closer to being in a depression rather than a recession, and that any job offer is worth consideration.

New or first time visitors here, this is probably boring- actually I am sure it is.
This post is directed more to my long time readers, you know who you are, who
stop in often, and have even privately emailed pick me up missives during this
recent trying time, caused by my losing my job. Words cannot express how
pleased I was to hear from those who did write, your words and feelings expressed, helped lift me from a despair that in hindsight I now see that I was falling into- I know I did not reply to all, and I apologize to you for that, and hope that you will let that slide and continue visiting here out on the backporch.

I would like to extend a warm greeting to the newbies visiting here for the first or
second time. Keep coming back and don’t forget to peruse the archives. There is also a search function on the left side of the page that you can utilize as well.

For instance, you could enter bighorn or Ivanpah and get a listing of posts for
those topics. Feel free to comment as well on any of the posts, old or new, also. The only bad comment is one that you keep to yourself and don’t share, if
something is bugging you, tell us about it.

Let me tell you guys something. I recently received an email taking me to task for something, and I was so impressed that I wrote back and said would you consider writing a guest post- on any topic? I offer you the same. If any of you reading this have something that you would like to contribute, perhaps this might be the venue for it. I can’t offer any pay, nor can I say that millions of people will read you, but I can say with some authority that somebody important may very well read it.

I have mentioned before that I have website software which tells a little bit about
my visitors- not much- but enough to tell that some are at a higher station in
life than this little old blogger. For some reason, they do visit here from time to time. I am not writing this to brag, just stating a fact.

So just keep it in mind, will you? If this unemployed bus driver can write something, so can you. If I can photograph a bighorn sheep herd, so can you, if
you live nearby. If I can blog for the fun of it, so can you.

Well it is that time. The coffee pot is empty and it’s late and I don’t feel like making another pot. You guys are yawning and ready to hit the road, so I am turning down the kerosene lamp and calling it a night. Again, I thank you for
coming by and hope to see you again, perhaps one day under the shade of the old Senor Cottonwood- you just never know the twists and turns ahead in this game of life, in this journey, except that it is truly enjoyed best with friends and family at your side.


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