Monday, June 18, 2012

Tired of doom and gloom? Me too! This is what I am doing about it tonight.

Sorry Firefox users but these videos will not show up on your browser. Since I
use that browser primarily, it’s a problem. These videos I have tested with IE,
Safari, Chrome, and Opera and they play just fine. The links to the videos are
below each video. For whatever reason, the links will not work in Firefox either
but will in the other browsers.

That is a bummer. End of update.

I am watching a fantastic concert on Youtube.

You can too.

This will get your motor running!

Here is the 2nd part.

Part 2

I know a few of the purists out there may think that it really isn’t the same
without “Pink.” That being Roger Waters, of course. “And by the way, which
one is Pink?” Rather than rehash ancient history, here is a bonus video of Roger Water’s The Wall and “Comfortably Numb” with guest artist David Gilmour.

Old times not forgotten- Roger and David together again on stage.

Go grab a strong drink or whatever, and settle in for some great entertainment.


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