Sunday, June 17, 2012

“Whistle blower” pages removed from the backporch.

I have had the two pages up for several months and have received some
information which has pointed out what could be irregularities with some of
these renewable energy projects being built in the southwestern deserts.

The problem is that the folks providing the information which has been deleted
are still employed in these projects. Having just gone through a month of
unemployment, and experiencing the ordeal first hand, which luckily for me has
resulted in obtaining a job in my field, I just can’t ask people to risk their own
livelihood in this modern day depression, by leaking stories or documents to

I wish to say though that if one is willing to risk all, and provide this valued
service to their fellow man, that I will be happy to provide you with the name and contact info for someone that I trust in the news media who will listen to
what you have to say, and act upon it if the information checks out.

I thank those who did contact me- look at yourself in the mirror and know that
you did what you could, and it was appreciated.


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