Monday, June 18, 2012

“Whistle blower” pages removed from the backporch. Part 2.

A comment from Paul on Part 1 of this post caused me to think a little more
about this issue, here is his comment and my response.

  1. PaulJune 18, 2012 8:48 AM

    It's interesting how the words 'whistle blower' have garnered a negative connotation. Instead of celebrating those that do the 'right', or difficult thing and reporting law breakers, they get labeled as 'snitches' or whistle blowers. I guess it's just better to turn a blind eye and hope that someone else takes care of the problem!


  2. MorongobillJune 18, 2012 6:27 PM

    I really had high hopes for those pages, Paul. Then the waiting began for the responses to flood in, not!
    Then when I got some red hot information, I really could not publish it without endangering the person who told me about the information- a person who needed their job- and I just could not live with myself if through my actions, I put someone out on the streets, jobless, in this "second Great Depression" that I feel we are now comfortably settled into.
    It really was an easy decision to pull the pages.
    My fervent wish is that our "regulators" start doing the jobs that we are paying them the big bucks to do, and that the news media would take an interest in reporting something besides celebrities and police chases.
    Thank you for your comment.


I didn’t really respond to his comment but ran with it and used it to tell more about what led me to pull the pages. I would like to offer up an apology to Paul and you, my readers, for that.

Paul is absolutely 100% correct in what he says in his comment. I really didn’t
think about those negative ramifications when I entitled my post, and the more I
think about it, the more right it seems. But that is the name that has come into
established usage, even with “Whistleblower protection” laws. Of course, being
a person who wants to do right and shine a light on some of the schemes taking place in the realms of government, politics, and big business, better stand by for some serious repercussions as the current federal government
assault on “whistleblowers” is ongoing and in high gear as I write this.

I am excruciatingly aware of the risks right minded people are taking nowadays
when they spot an egregious wrong and would like to see it righted, and act
upon their knowledge. At the risk of seeming overwrought let me just say with
all the chiseling being done to our rights under the guise of fighting terrorism,
I can’t blame anyone for being a little paranoid. Folks who have been out of work for a while, like construction workers for example, latching onto a job with
Bechtel out at stateline- I can’t blame them for just trying to get along in this cruel world.

By temperament, I would never make it as an “earth firster” and I was raised
to respect authority, like any other child born in the deep south in the 1960’s.
I am not a radical nor am I one who possesses the skills to rise within
a political organization or corporation, to try to effect change.

I am a “lone wolf” with social skills is about the best way I can describe myself.
During this blog journey, I have had ideas- some good, some bad, some a couple bricks shy of a load, also. Most of this blog has been about the “rape”
of the southwestern deserts for renewable energy production, all supposedly
to stop climate change.

My opinion all along has and will continue to be that the only thing green about
it is all the taxpayer money going to build these boondoggles. But that is a story
for another time.

I tried to help the cause with the pages that I have removed from this blog, and
it didn’t work out. So I will go back to square one and figure out another way, to
expose the corruption at the core of this effort. Stuff I have suspected all along
and know for a fact is ongoing as we speak, but am honor bound not to mention as discussed earlier.

And I will endeavor to think a little more before I respond to your comments in
the future.


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