Monday, June 4, 2012

Will not one of my readers stand up against torture with me?

Update on 06172012. There is new accusations of torture being ramped up
under the Obama administration. It is bad enough that they are not going to let
Gitmo inmates considered no longer a threat, out and to go home, the brutish
torture inflicted upon the inmates has even gotten worse. Read this story entitled "Guantanamo’s Goon Squads Still Torturing Under Obama" by Sherwood Ross for the details. Then read my post here.

They really need your reading at the site linked below. End of update.

Recently I wrote a post entitled Torture, let's do something about it. To date, there was one comment and no email correspondence regarding this issue
which I feel goes to the very heart of who we are as a nation and as a people, and not just in the people plural, but as in individuals.

A nation is made up of individuals that together form a people. We will rise and
we will fall together. We are judged collectively by the rest of the world for the
actions taken in our name and without our consent, fair or not, by those that
we have entrusted with the defense of our country. Of course we cannot change what is being done in our name, at least not yet, but we can start by
registering our disgust in part by getting involved in peaceful protest against the status quo. Perhaps if enough of us get involved now, the process might start to snowball and we might begin to effect a change that will make us proud again, of our leaders and of ourselves.

I have a sinking feeling that this seed is falling upon fallow soil and will not bring much in the way of results, but I must try anyway to beseech you once
again to help out the cause by either making a reading for the website,
Reckoning With Torture or by forwarding the site link or even this blogpost to
someone that you know who might oppose torture as well. This is not a liberal
or conservative issue, folks on both sides of the political spectrum oppose the
practice; all I am asking is that you let your conscience be your guide.

We are at a crossroads in our nation’s history. We can back away from the precipice that will lead inexorably to our demise as a free people and nation, or
we can embrace the evil incarnate that torture is, and prepare for its’ practice
upon we the people here. The torturers will not stop with the victims overseas, it will find its’ way here just as surely as day follows night- I believe that to the
depths of my soul.

As I promised, I made the reading. First, I travelled to the Big Morongo Canyon
Preserve, heavy tripod and camera in hand, filming several attempts in scenic
locations only to be stopped cold by the unrelenting desert breeze which made
the video unintelligible without extensive work with the audio, which I am unable to do. I ended up making the video in my home.

That video was accepted by the site and is now available for viewing there or on Youtube. Below is the Youtube video, just click the play button. Or just go the website page for my video at the Reckoning With Torture site. Either way works.

Won’t you make a video supporting the cause?

Look it wasn’t easy. It took a few minutes to hand copy the script off the
site, as I don’t have a printer at home now. I had to setup the tripod and the
digital camera and then do several takes trying to get the lighting and sound
right. I would much prefer to have sent in video footage from under Senor Cottonwood, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

Okay, I tell you what- if you need help just email me and I will help. But we need to get in touch with our feelings on this subject and get involved in the struggle.

I am not asking you, I am begging you for this help. Right now as we speak, I
am quite certain that there are innocents, swept up with the guilty, being tortured and wishing for help from their God, from anybody, even for a visit
from Death himself to come and take them away to blessed relief from the barbarism.

They cannot wait, and neither should we.



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