Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Change of emphasis here.

Look folks, it is crunch time here on the backporch. With the demands of my
work and the odd hours involved, usually at night, and my problem with sleeping in the daytime, it is getting more difficult to be motivated enough to write here sometimes. I seem to also be veering off into another direction, more toward photography and how it can be utilized for preserving memories of the
endangered California deserts and wilderness, as mentioned here a few times in the past.

In addition, I have reached a point in my life’s journey where tilting at windmills is no longer a good use of my remaining time on this planet.

I am going to start doing what I want to do, when I want to do it, as often as I want to do it, until I tire of it, and move onto to something else. Good health
permitting, and that includes this irascible ankle that keeps reminding me of its’
existence; this will involve more trips to the desert, car camping until the ankle
gets better, and later- maybe even bicycle camping like our friend over at DryCyclist.com.

At some point, I may finally gather enough courage to fulfill my long held dream
of moving back to the desert, never to return to the city, at least that is my goal.

I am going to start by saying that one will never know when I will write here, or about what. Or how often. Maybe one day I will write something about rooftop solar. Maybe a week later, I will write about a trip up to the aerial tramway, or revisit the Korean Friendship Bell in San Pedro, perhaps after they clean off all the pigeon droppings!
07272012kfbell 037

The world is my oyster, and you guys get to help me shuck it- and we will share
any pearls that we find.

That is all that I can promise to you long suffering readers at this time.

Bill McDonald aka Morongobill

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