Monday, July 16, 2012

Doubt I could walk a foot in this man’s shoes. A modern Ascetic’s daily life.

The other day while researching living in tiny houses, I came across a
reference to a man who lived in a small desert cave near Moab, Utah;
a man who renounced money and worldly possessions around the year
2000, eating out of trash dumpsters and from nature’s bounty, going where
he wanted, and when he wanted.

Here is the news link that I first discovered. Inside there is a link to a 19
picture gallery and slideshow, I strongly recommend that you look at that
gallery which does have interest and some pretty good photos.

The man, known as Suelo, was Daniel James Shellabarger, born in 1961.
He lived what most would consider a normal life until the day that he in 2000
when he decided to live the rest of his life without using or having any

Suelo has a very interesting philosophy which takes a little from the early
Christian ascetic fathers, and is liberally mixed in with the Prophet Muhammad,
the Buddha, and others such as Gandhi. You can read all about this philosophy and lifestyle at his two websites, which he wrote and maintains
at the Moab city library, as they have free internet accessThumbs up. Here are his sites:

I Know It Is Possible To Live With Zero Money, Abundantly

Moneyless World - Free World - Priceless World

There are links to videos and articles about Suelo on his sites and at the Denver Post link, plus you can google Daniel Suelo or just Suelo for more info.

The above image is courtesy of Google Image Search 2012.

Here is a link to a video discussing him and his lifestyle:

The American Who Quit Money To Live In A Cave


I must admit that I have admiration for this fellow for standing for something,
to the point of living it daily. Having said that, I know that it would not be a
path that I would or could take, but I can see the appeal that it might have
say with idealistic youth perhaps.

Were it not for the many references to other religious figures, I would say that
he was living the hermetic ascetic theology as practiced by the early Ascetic
Fathers and best exemplified by Saint Anthony who moved into the desert as
a hermit around 270 AD, to live a life alone from others, so that he could best
commune with the Lord.

In this case it seems that Suelo is communing with a common thread running
between the various religious thoughts, that God is Love.

I found him to be a very interesting figure and thought that some of you would
be interested as well.


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