Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My latest toy, a Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 50 MM 1.8 G Lens.

Called a normal lens in the old days of photography, as opposed to a zoom
lens. Using this on my Nikon D70 with its’ smaller size sensor makes this
into a 75mm lens in 35mm factor, and in fact, this is an excellent portrait lens
per online reviews and photographs that I looked at in my research before
pulling the trigger and making the purchase.
07312012lens_pic 002

The D70 above with the new lens attached. I was pleasantly surprised to discover a lens hood inside the box as well as
a manual. The price I paid at Samy’s Camera in Costa Mesa was $219 for the lens and another $27.95 for a UV Filter.
Practice safe photography, always wear a UV or other lens cover when taking photos!

Basically I tried out the D and G versions of this lens plus I also shot with the f1.4 50 mm Nikkor which was way more money and a better lens, but beyond my price range that I am comfortable with. Having seen the results that a fellow
photographer and blogger, Paul, gets with his 50mm, I just had to get one.

I snapped this quick photo of fellow blogger, photographer and friend, Lee Murray, with no flash and this was the result.
07312012new_lens 004

Below is a shot of my glasses where I wanted to see the shallow depth of field that I had heard so much about.
07312012new_lens 006

I am pretty excited about this new lens and the first place to check it out will
be to go back to the El Dorado Nature Preserve in Long Beach, and put it through the paces.

I look forward to visiting with you again out on the backporch.

Bill McDonald aka Morongobill

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