Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Nikon D70 and I visit the El Dorado Nature Preserve in Long Beach, California.

The weather was perfect with temperatures in the 70’s and clear skies, and the
lighting under the forest canopy was excellent considering that I was visiting
during the middle of the day with the sun directly overhead. This was the good
news. The bad news was that the battery was low and the camera settings were wrong, and I had a whole bunch of blurry photos. I also had the midrange
zoom, the Nikkor 70-300 as the only lens which limited some of my choices.

In hindsight, the kit lens, a short zoom, would have been the better choice.

This is a 100 acre or so oasis of wilderness with a stream and 2 lakes, in an
urban area that I have meaning to visit for a long time, and today I took the plunge. Here are a few photos from the excursion.
07242112el_dorado_nature 031

Blurred to all get out but I do like the “accidental art” above.
07242112el_dorado_nature 039

It is interesting how the light through the canopy illuminates the ferns.
07242112el_dorado_nature 051

Macho, macho ------------ tortoise!
07242112el_dorado_nature 117

A delicate bouquet and bokeh.
07242112el_dorado_nature 122

California live oak grove above.
07242112el_dorado_nature 136

Delicate flower.
07242112el_dorado_nature 156

You don’t want none of this!
07242112el_dorado_nature 171

Public service message to the local squirrel population.
07242112el_dorado_nature 112

The metering worked in camera this time with a challenging scene to deal with, bright light and shadows.
07242112el_dorado_nature 084

I will see you next time and you better have some food with you.
07242112el_dorado_nature 160

That’s it guys. I am not pleased with my or the camera’s performance. The
battery almost died and I made the wrong lens choice. Now for sure, I will
return soon as I took many photos of ducks and squirrels that ran right toward
me( the furry ones) and preened contentedly within feet of me, and I failed to
get the shots. Here is the best duck picture that I took as a parting photo.
07242112el_dorado_nature 074

Hope to see you soon.