Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Nikon D70 returns to the El Dorado Nature Preserve accompanied by the Nikon Coolpix P510.

Another day, another visit. This time I brought my big camera and the new kid
on the block, the P510. Today, the results were much better. This first photograph will be almost full resolution so that a lady I met there can down-
load the image. The rest of you can as well, just right click the photo in your browser and follow the prompts. This was taken with the P510.
07262012p510_el_dorado_np 004

This was the same flower that I tried to photograph the other day with the D70. The flower has started fading but the
beauty is still there. The next shot shows the D70 as I took it with a shorter zoom and the attached speedlight.
07262012p510_el_dorado_np 039

Below is a shot of the north lake taken with the D70. Check out the crane in the tree.
07262012_d70_el_dorado_np 009

Below shot with the P510’s big zoom!
07262012p510_el_dorado_np 001

This little guy was taken with the P510 also.
07262012p510_el_dorado_np 009

As was the one below.
07262012p510_el_dorado_np 018

Another D70 shot. It does well with landscapes. Today I used the full matrix metering mostly.
07262012_d70_el_dorado_np 017

Very inviting, isn’t it? Let’s go hiking!
07262012_d70_el_dorado_np 024

D70 of course below!
07262012_d70_el_dorado_np 037

This duck was easy to shoot with the fast D70. You push the shutter and the shot is taken instantly, unlike the P510.
07262012_d70_el_dorado_np 048

The rest of the photos are from the P510 but first, let me explain the last
comment above this picture. I went over this in a video which I will try to put up here, but I will repeat it now. I wasted about 15 minutes or so attempting to film
these ducks as they were feeding close to shore. Every time I had the shot and pushed the shutter, the pic would have their heads underwater. I shot it when the head was above the water, or so I thought. With the D70, what I saw in the optical viewfinder when I pulled the trigger was what I got. So the processing
speed of the camera engine plus the electronic viewfinder slowness are the
obvious difference between the cameras. When shooting static objects, and when not in direct bright sunlight, the P510 was the better choice of camera today.
07262012p510_el_dorado_np 003

I know that I am one handsome turtle!
07262012p510_el_dorado_np 056

I am surprised that the camera got the depth of focus right here. If you blow it up the bird and the limb in front of it are
07262012p510_el_dorado_np 072

I believe that even the most advanced camera systems would have a rough go with the lighting and the water in the above
photograph. The P510 did pretty well, I think.
07262012p510_el_dorado_np 091

Don’t bother me!
07262012p510_el_dorado_np 114

Grooming or man that feels good!
07262012p510_el_dorado_np 116

Maybe if I just ignore them, they will go away!

North Lake inside the El Dorado Nature Preserve in Long Beach.

Well this was a fun little excursion and well worth the $5 parking fee. Let me
know when you would like to go do some photography in the preserve! I will
be happy to show you around if I am not working that day.

Bill McDonald aka Morongobill


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