Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Turning negativity into positive change.

I confess that lately I have been a little negative. Lots of things to point
the finger at but mainly a nagging left ankle problem that has limited my
ability and subsequently my desire to go up to the desert on my days off.
And as I have blogged here many times before, my being in the currently wide
open spaces of the Mojave is like a fish needing to be in the water. I need
the solitude and expanse of the deserts from time to time, or else I start to
withdraw into myself and sometimes into depression.

My recent torture reading video up at Big Morongo Canyon Preserve is a case
in point. As I posted recently, I just didn’t have it in me to walk the mile or so out
to the windmills, so I headed up to Big Morongo, where I barely made it to the boardwalk where thankfully I filmed a good take the first time; I never even considered going on down the trail and seeing if I could whisper some sweet
nothings in a bighorn sheep’s ear- nope, I was ready to go home!

This recent negativity has carried over into the desert in other ways as well.
Folks, I have about given up on the thought that I am going to be able to do anything about the ongoing catastrophe, the escalating war on the desert’s plants, animals, water and land resources.

I have a friend who has told me many times, that you can’t care more than the person that something bad is happening to. If they don’t care enough to change, you ain’t going to change them, period! I now subscribe to that belief system. I realize that you readers long ago figured this out, but being stubborn and mule headed, it took me a long time to recognize the obvious.

The average Joe in the street doesn’t care about wilderness, and there isn’t
anything that I or anyone else can do to change that.

So here’s the deal, folks. There will be no more posts decrying the rape of the desert. I will keep that opinion to myself. However, I still plan on blogging about
the desert, but it will be by way of providing trip reports, etc- something that people still have an interest in, and who knows, might even offer to contribute a
guest post, if the urge hit them to share a favorite place to visit or something.
I haven’t lost my desire to write about the desert, just changing the subject matter.

I said not long ago that I would like to see the Mojave before it is bulldozed under and starting this fall, when it cools down, I intend to head out more,as
far as the Morongomobile can safely carry me, and will photograph and write about it. There will also be more trip reports like the recent battleship report and others, which I hope some of you will enjoy. Video is something that I need a lot of improvement with, so I intend to keep practicing with it as well.

Basically this blog is going to become like a form of self therapy for me, and you too, if you decide you wouldn’t mind trying your hand at writing a post here,
if I can put myself out there, so can you. As I go see different things and places, getting out of the square box that I wrap myself in, I will write about the experience here, when I feel like writing.

That is pretty much it for now, since I haven’t been to the wilderness for a while,
I will have to leave you with this photograph to hold you for a second or two at least.
archivecd7 252

I hope.


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