Friday, July 27, 2012

Visit to the Korean Friendship Bell in San Pedro- in one word- disgusting.

A late addition to the post on 8/2/2012. There are questions raised now as to the Korean Bell of Friendship being given to the people of Los Angeles instead
of the people of the whole U.S.A. Here is a wikipedia article and a blowup photo
from the official plaque commemorating the giving of this friendship monument.

ScreenHunter_01 Jul. 30 12.00

In addition I have a followup post on this with further actions that I have taken

First a little background information. This monument was a gift from the South
Korean people to America in honor of our bicentennial celebration in 1976. I
was fully prepared to be awed by the bell and the pagoda that houses it. In fact, the condition of the whole building including the bell, gong and the eaves above, along with the floor is just as my title says- disgusting, with pigeon
excrement covering a lot of the surfaces.

Excrement that looks like it has been there a long while, and did not miraculously appear overnight. Before I show the photos that I took of the grounds and the pagoda(and the excrement covered places) I just want to say
how ashamed I am as an American, that we have let this monument of friendship between two peoples of the world, fall into such a sorry state. I don’t
know or care who let this happen, but it needs to corrected immediately, even if the person in charge has to go out with a firehose and wash away the crap
his or her self.

The state of this monument is just an absolute total disgrace.
07272012kfbell 029

Totally disgusting and unnecessary.
07272012kfbell 027

Yes that is pigeon crap on the floor above. Does that look like it built up overnight?
07272012kfbell 028

One of the culprits below, up in the rafters. Watch out below!
07272012kfbell 030

More evidence, if any more was needed.
07272012kfbell 031

Another view, hard to see the beauty of the place for all the pigeon droppings.
07272012kfbell 034

The view after I shooed them away. They were up in the eaves and all over the tile roof of the pagoda.
07272012kfbell 035

A view of the rooftop as I approached the KFB, scouting out photographic opportunities.
07272012kfbell 005

Might as well put up one thing that wasn’t coated with the pigeon droppings.
07272012kfbell 002

I will leave you with this shot, taken at a far enough distance to spare you the more disgusting up close and personal details.
A hint of what the place would be like if people cared enough to honor it with a good cleaning, and keep it clean. But even
this angle doesn’t spare your eyes. What a waste!
07272012kfbell 019

Bill McDonald aka Morongobill