Friday, August 3, 2012

Guess my old buddy, Señor Tortuga, better move on, now that First Solar is making so much money building, then selling off their solar “farms.”

You guys remember Señor Tortuga don’t you? You don’t? Okay go to the link below and read my 2010 interview with him and then come back to this page.
2010 interview with Señor Tortuga

I hadn’t heard from him for a while and then a few months ago, he texted me and said that he got nabbed by one of BrightSource Energy’s contract biologists, and had to spend some time in the notorious BrightSource/Bechtel “pen” and finally made parole and was released back into the world just outside the fence, and after many unsuccessful attempts to break back into his old territory, the old grizzled one ended up setting up house in a burrow, in an undisclosed location, to the north of the B.S.’er’s Ivanpah SEGS Solar 3 site, he would not give me the exact details, he said, because my computer might be tapped, and he didn’t put anything past those BrightSource/Bechtel folks!

Anyway I wished him all the best and asked him to keep in touch, and to please give me his new cell phone number if he decided to jettison the pre-paid phone that he is now using. He agreed and rang off.

Well, I guess that I had better call him up and tell him not to get too comfortable in his new burrow, because he might have to move again, soon.
You see, his new home is smack dab in the middle of First Solar’s farm,
which will be right next to the B.S. Ivanpah SEGS site, and is being planned as you read this.

There is a proposal before the BLM and Interior to stop further renewable
energy development in this part of the Ivanpah Valley, by declaring it an Area of Critical Environmental Concern, due to all the endangered plant and animal
species onsite, as well as concerns of migration corridors being cut off by
further industrialization of the area. In particular, this would effect the desert tortoise, and also my old friend, Señor Tortuga.

There also was talk that a deal might be reached between the government agencies and BSE to preserve tortoise habitat in the area, because it turns
out that Señor Tortuga and his whole extended family there are genetically unique, and are worth preserving; unfortunately for them, it appears that a deal has been reached to buy the 7,000 plus acres needed per agreement, but it
is a checkerboard hodgepodge of small parcels scattered throughout the vast
Mojave Desert, and unlikely to benefit the tortoises on site.
$20 million tortoise habitat deal in the works.

Actually, to me at least, it seems more skewed toward paying about millions into the state’s coffers than anything else, you know, the same administration that just discovered the hidden millions in an off the books account held by the Parks Department.

So, yes, my old friend, I think you had better start making plans to head off in
another direction, because it sure ain’t looking good for you and your neighbor’s continued peaceful existence in your new neighborhood. I am not very optimistic about your chances, or any of the true remaining friends that you have, to work out a deal to avert construction of the massive solar “farm” planned for your home range.

You see, the big money is now about to flow into the renewable energy business. We thought it was big with the fed’s stimulus program, but now that
Wall Street in general has figured out how to securitize and sell these new solar farm backed securities, and in particular, First Solar has figured out that they can build these projects and flip them for big bucks and go on to the next one, resulting in an 81% surge up in their profits, you can take it to the bank that these developers are going to be flying high with the feds and Wall
Street for a long time to come.
First Solar Profit Surges 81% on Shift to Sales of Power Plants

Yes, Señor Tortuga, it is time for you to move on, as it sure seems like the
Ivanpah Valley is about to be totally solarized, or should I say, securitized.
Either word results in the same old same old, solar farms as far as the eye can see, with all the animals removed, plants mowed short or removed, for all time
in our human life scale terms.

You are about to become extinct, my friend, and you don’t even know it.

Bill McDonald aka Morongobill


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