Wednesday, August 8, 2012

In exactly one week, the Korean Bell of Friendship will be rung. And L.A. Parks and Recreation still hasn’t cleaned the pigeon crap off the memorial. Why am I not surprised?

A late addition on 8/22/2012. The conditions that led to this post have improved and I also discovered something very interesting as to the cause of the condition which has led me to put up a new post. Please read it after you view this one for the big picture:
A big thank you shout out to Los Angeles City Department of Recreation and Parks for the cleanup effort so far at the Korean Bell of Friendship! Plus a photographic interpretation of last night’s visit there.
End- of- late- addition update.

Doesn’t it make you feel proud to be an Angeleno and an American? A monument, a beautiful jewel actually, presented by the people of Korea to the people of the United States for our bicentennial celebration, given out of a
spirit of friendship and respect, and we disrespect the gift and those who gave
it, by allowing the monument to fall into such a state. Here are a few stomach
turning photographs that document the state of the bell.
08082012kfb 004

Looks good so far, let’s move in a little closer.
08082012kfb 008

Somebody better issue protective gear including gas masks to the dignitaries coming for the ceremony in one week.
08082012kfb 010

Truly disgusting and appalling conditions if you ask me.
08082012kfb 011

It appears that there are no safe places to step.
08082012kfb 015

08082012kfb 020

I would love to see the head of L.A. Parks and Recreation leading the cleanup effort here, in person!
08082012kfb 027

08082012kfb 023

It is a pity that I cannot read or write Korean, because I would send a blanket
email to their media, and especially their bloggers. I would do it now. By the
time the dust from the controversy settled, I guarantee that this bell and its’
monument would be clean as a whistle.

But I don’t.

However, at least I can provide a service by trying to shine a light upon the state that the memorial has fallen into, and has been in, for a long time.

Bill McDonald aka Morongobill

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