Monday, August 27, 2012

Not in a writing mood lately. Plus my thoughts on the election.

More like a reading mode. Lately I have read the latest drycyclist Mojave Desert bicycle camping journal, trip reports and other information regarding touring on recumbent style trikes, and information about certain Nikon digital slr’s that I am
interested in as possible successors to my venerable Nikon D70 shown below
fully decked out in its’ evening attire!
08272012sample 010

Rather than beat myself up for not writing anything lately, I am just going to say that for a week or two, there may not be an update here. I feel like taking
a blogging break for a few days. Having said this in the past, don’t be surprised
if the drought here is broken sooner than that.

I have been thinking a lot lately also about politics and the upcoming election
in a few months. I have gone on record here several times pointing out that I am
a liberal in my politics which most of you have forgiven me for being.Winking smile Again for the umpteenth time, I am  going to mention that I have no intention of
voting for this president again, and I am also most likely not going to even vote this time around.

In my humble and admittedly unsophisticated view, the choice between Obama and Romney is a choice between two sides of the same crooked coin, bought and paid for by the moneyed folks.

If I choose to discuss politics in the future, it will probably be a radical view that might scare off all of you readers, so I probably won’t talk about it on this forum

I have been commenting lately on the Common Dreams site and also over at Smirking Chimp. I have enjoyed that and may continue. So far, I haven’t ticked
off too many of the trolls and my site here hasn’t be hacked in protest either.

These above thoughts I have mentioned to you readers, not in an attempt to influence you, but just to inform you. My hope is that all will vote or not vote, based on their conscience, and not because some outside political group
spammed all their television stations with attack ads. A forlorn hope I am sure,
but one I have nonetheless.

Let me tell you guys some personal information. You are aware that I have been hobbled by a sore left ankle. Evidently my last failed hiking attempt up
in the desert had a greater effect on me than I expected. I am speaking of the
mental effect mostly. I seem to be coming up with inventive excuses to myself for not driving up to Big Morongo or other places now- using the hot weather
or the ankle as the excuse, or wear and tear on the Morongomobile- you name
it and I have told myself the excuse of the moment.
archivecd9 054

Hopefully when I come back to the backporch in a few days, it will be with a trip
report. No promises but I will try.



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