Sunday, August 12, 2012

Peaceful coexistence

Relax, I am not going to offer up a history lesson today. This term today I am
using to describe the El Dorado Nature Preserve in Long Beach, which exists
alongside a freeway, large flood channel, and suburban housing tracts. It is
true that virtually anywhere in this preserve, you can hear the sounds of civilization around you- cars whizzing by on the freeway, planes flying overhead- but you also hear nature if you will just listen.
08122012el_dorado_np 024

For instance, this marshy section of the lake made constant popping sounds plus occasional splashes and plops in the water
would be seen and heard. Look what was basking in the sun on the log to the right of this picture below.
08122012el_dorado_np 025

And to my left.
08122012el_dorado_np 029

Once while walking through an open sun dappled part of the trail, a big red shouldered hawk flew swiftly by me and silently flew into a copse of trees and
out of my sight. I looked in vain, peering up into the towering Eucalyptus trees for the two great horned owls that were spotted earlier, and reported to me by a
fellow walker, as well as for a snowy egret spotted by one of the lakes, and no,
I did not see Mr. Heron again this time.

But I did see some interesting sights and scenes which I will share with you below in picture form.
08122012el_dorado_np 059

This scene is similar to what I grew up with in the south. The difference being that there were no mosquitos attacking
me in Long Beach.
08122012el_dorado_np 008

I will never tire of this view.
08122012el_dorado_np 041

Somehow the name “squirrel whisperer” doesn’t have the same effect on me as the “bighorn whisperer.”
Kind of him to sit still long enough for the Nikon Coolpix P510 to lock in and get the shot!
08122012el_dorado_np 043

I love the reflections cast upon the still waters of the lake by the trees growing on the banks.
08122012el_dorado_np 047

This little fella would dive underwater completely and then surface with some greens which he gobbled up with undisguised gusto! Now that’s what I call a “professional eater!”
08122012el_dorado_np 052

Peaceful coexistence above. I couldn’t imagine this scene back home where the predominate turtle species was the
”snapping turtle!” Again note the very interesting shadows in the water- the downed tree limb hosting the turtle as well as the duck’s neck reflected on the water’s surface.
08122012el_dorado_np 058
I really like the image above. The reflections in the water, the lack of other
humans in the photo, the pastoral and peaceful setting, it just goes to show
that your camera lens has a magic power, the ability to stop time and to portray
a scene as you might wish it to be, at that exact moment in time. This one photo
has made my day and made the trip worth while. 59 photos taken and only 4 or 5 blurry ones or not focused properly, all made using the “lazy let the camera make the decisions mode” and overall most good, certainly not bad.
Even the “peek-a-boo” shot below had the duck hiding behind the leaves in the plane of focus.
08122012el_dorado_np 051

I will leave you with a panorama photo which somehow failed. But I have cropped the bad end and believe that it looks okay now.
08122012el_dorado_np 034

That’s all for now. Just to let you know, I will be off on Tuesday, which by the
way is the day before August 15th. If you have been reading this blog lately, you probably know where I will be going with my camera.

Enough said for now.

Bill McDonald aka Morongobill

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