Friday, August 10, 2012

The “crappy” state of the Korean Bell of Friendship video is now available here.

A late update on 8/22/2012. I made a return visit to the bell and discovered an
interesting situation that caused me to write this new post below. I recommend that you read the new post after finishing this one:
A big thank you shout out to Los Angeles Parks and Recreation Department for the cleanup effort so far at the Korean Bell of Friendship! Plus a photographic interpretation of last night’s visit there.

The ceremony has passed and the conditions in this video have improved.

Watch it and then forward the link to any media contacts that you have. Time
is a wasting as the old saying goes, only 5 days left to the ceremony on site for
Korean Liberation Day.

I struck out with my media contacts, evidently there is no story there, and/or no

Of course, tilting at windmills has always been something that I am guilty of.

Watch out where you place your feet or hands, and don’t brush against any of the columns.

My previous posts on this subject:

Bill McDonald aka Morongobill

A late addition, here is my email to the various government officials involved with this “no cleanup in ages” situation:

William Mcdonald

11:49 AM (0 minutes ago)

to mark.mariscal, joe.buscaino, jacob.haik, mayor

This should come as no surprise as it is obvious that the Korean Bell
of Friendship pavillion hasn't been cleaned of the pigeon droppings in
a long, long time.
August 15th is Korean Liberation Day and this bell will be rung. It
will be an intolerable insult to those who gave this country this
gift, if it is not cleaned up prior to
the ceremony, which will be attended by various dignitaries, including
consular officials. I have spoken with consular officials who advised
me that they thought it would be cleaned, but also told me the story
about a previous city councilperson who now sits in the House of
Representatives, crying poverty when told that a repair to the
monument would cost $100,000. The consulate I am told ended up paying
that bill.
I am only a little blogger, who drives a bus for a living, but I
assure you that I am not the only person outraged by the condition of
this jewel that sits by the ocean. This gift of friendship is in such
a horrible state as the video in the link I am providing shows, that
it really dishonors the givers and the recipients of this gift- the
Korean and American people.
I have written and visited this site about 4 times in the last month,
and I have seen the yard cut, flowers weeded, but absolutely nothing
has been done about the humongous amount of pigeon dung which covers
the floor, the striking log, the structure above the bell, and even on
the bell. This needs to be cleaned up, right now. Time is a wasting as
the old saying goes.
Something needs to break now, something needs to be done before the
local Korean American news vans pull up and break this story. The only
reason that I am not notifying them is that I do not write or read
Korean, so this is your chance to be proactive and move on this now.
Here is the link to my video:
Thanking you in advance for getting the cleanup crews out,
Bill McDonald aka Morongobill

Late addition on 08102012pm- I have received a reply from L.A. Parks and
Recreation which I am taking to mean that they are looking into the cleanup process. I will keep you informed of any further progress in this matter.

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