Friday, September 21, 2012

Found out the hard way, just because you can hike don’t mean you can bike.

Well this afternoon I finally got around to checking out the MorongoCycle- added that Slime product to the tires and re-inflating them, and also taking
it for a spin around the long block in the neighborhood, probably 3/10’s of a mile total.

First impressions, man was I wrong. I thought just because they say that you never forget how to ride a bike, that it would be easy. Wrong! My 58 year old body let me know in a hurry, while riding it, that it was not ready to just jump right into an expedition out on a rocky and/or sandy dirt road.

First, my knees told me that possibly the seat was set too low. Then my hands and wrists told me that I was putting way too much weight upon them with the flat bars that mountain bikes come with. These aches and pains can be fixed by
making adjustments to the bike so that I can ride in a more upright position but they will cost a little bit more, which I don’t mind spending, if they work.

Plus, you work different muscles riding a bike and mine are letting me know  that they need a chance to get more used to the new reality.

So what I am saying is that most likely I will postpone my trip up to Wee Thump for another week, which will have the added benefit of a few more degrees of temperature reduction out there, while giving me a few more days to get the bike adjusted and myself some more riding time and familiarity time with it.

While not a gambler, it probably is not a good idea to attempt a 10 or 15 mile ride on dirt roads without at least reducing my discomfort level a little- being 5 miles from the lonely highway is not the place to discover that you can’t ride another foot, much less a mile.

Barring a last minute change of heart, it appears the run to visit the Wee Thump area will have to be put off a week.