Friday, September 21, 2012

Maybe this guy’s book will help kick start placing solar panels up on rooftops, not out in our wilderness.

Put solar on rooftops, not out in our desert wild lands!

Danny Kennedy, featured above in the video clip, is the President of
Sungevity, Inc and author of a new book promoting rooftop solar, also known
as direct power generation, Rooftop Revolution; a timelier book could not have
been written, considering the tsunami of wind and solar projects that are about to wash ashore at your mountain and desert wild lands.

In this interview, he talks of utility interests changing their models so that coal
fired plant electricity would become the backup source of power, and not the primary- he specifically says that the largest utility in the world(sorry I forgot the name) is now doing just that. Amazing!

So by watching this video, you can see for yourself that some big players are starting to jump on the distributed power bandwagon, and change just may be coming to the industry, whether the PG&E’s and the SCE’s like it or not. You can also read an interesting story about Mr. Kennedy and Sungevity over at
the New York Times.

It is really a shame though that the enviro’s working with Mr. Kennedy didn’t choose distributed power generation as the smart choice from the very beginning, which might have saved Ivanpah and other wild places that are now being obliterated under the guise of producing clean, green renewable energy.


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