Monday, September 24, 2012

New bike getting repairs, Wee Thump area visit will be next week.

I don’t remember if I mentioned it but the other day I took the recently acquired mountain bike for about a 3/10th or so mile road in the neighborhood. This short ride on flat ground resulted in both of my knees aching big time during the ride, and my right wrist getting numb and tingly, due to a lot of weightSurprised smile being put on my wrists and hands due to the riding position.

So today I took the bike over to a local bike shop and said I would like to be fitted to the bike, and was then told that the bike while being the right size would need a high rise stem for the handlebars in order to get the weight off my hands, and that would require new cables on the front end and they also discovered that I need to replace the front brake assembly- all told about $100 worth. Of course, I gave the go ahead, but the bike won’t be ready until about noon Wednesday, which means I will have to go up to the desert a week or so from now.

That’s okay by me as it will allow the weather to get cooler, now that fall is coming.

Hopefully, I can get some riding done locally getting the feel of the bike before I go up- regardless, I will be going even if I end up having to push the MorongoCycle back to my car!

I will be off the next two days and hope to get another post or two up here. So if you find yourself with some spare time, feel free to drop back in here for a visit soon. Remember, you can always search the archives; who knows what you might find there.