Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The winds of Thor are blowing cold.

Ledheads know the title of this post well but perhaps not in the context I am presenting it tonight. But I believe the words are an apt description of what is
happening in our world today, and we should heed their warning.

Everywhere I look, I am greeted with scenes of conflict around the world; a lot
of that conflict and death can be laid right at our door in this country. This I
consider an unassailable fact but you are free to try to disprove my conclusions
if you wish.

I am old enough to remember the breathless talk of a “peace” dividend and what we, as a nation, could spend it on. Lots of plans were brought up, and as
you may or may not know, that talk dried up and blew away like dead leaves in the breeze.

So now what we are going to have to talk about is the “war” dividend we will begin reaping after sowing all the destructive seeds that we could in the last decade or so, by administrations of both of our political parties. This was all facilitated by the so called fourth estate, the press, supposed independent fact checkers, which somehow got perverted into being cheerleaders for the warmongers that we seem to love and admire so.

Yes, the winds of Thor are beginning to blow, and they will be cold, and
heartless. I fear those winds that many in this world may feel are righteous and will bring us a taste of retribution that they, at least, feel we so richly deserve.

I don’t know what we average folks can do about this situation, except not to support it. I opposed both Gulf Wars and support getting out of Afghanistan while we still can. Get the hell out now and stay out, and keep our big nose out of the rest of the world’s affairs. That’s my advice, unsolicited, and guaranteed to be ignored.

There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that the winds of Thor will be blowing this way soon and that they will blow a long, long time. Our nation and its’ supporting staff of sycophant client nations, most of them with long and bloody
colonial histories; why we just can’t seem to help ourselves from following the same old colonialist playbook on the rest of the developing world- rape the weaker countries for their resources, and rub their faces into it with our jackboots.

The problem is that we do a lousy job of being colonialists and imperialists, our hearts just aren’t in it. Where is all the cheap oil that the neocons thought we would be getting from Iraq? What about all the grand dreams of vast military bases in the middle east and the Pax Americana to come bring peace and enlightenment to the Arab inhabitants?

The truth of the matter is that we were run out of Iraq and are in the process of being run out of that ancient graveyard of empire, Afghanistan, and are setting ourselves up for serious problems by letting Israel bully us into starting a shooting war with Iran.

This is truly madness and there doesn’t seem to be any will on anyone’s part to stop it. So it will probably happen.

No doubt the winds of Thor are starting to blow up a storm, and it is obvious to me that they will take this republic down with them if somehow, by a miracle, something does not happen to ease the situation developing overseas. The mother of all blowback is heading this way and
we the people are seemingly helpless to prevent it.

Some believers will hold hope that an Almighty God will intervene and straighten out our leaders hearts and open their eyes to the truth. I doubt that.
I think that the Almighty might just sit back and let us kill each other till we get our fill and then perhaps get involved. You see we humans just don’t learn too good. We obviously haven’t learned our lesson, we need a real dose of the rod to cure us of our arrogance, and the rest of the developing world is there to assist in the disciplining that is required in this case.

A pox on both houses, on both parties. There isn’t a nickel’s worth of difference between the parties and their respective candidates for president, as far as maintaining the empire’s hold on the world goes, so I won’t be voting for either. I, for one, will vote my conscience, period and will hold no loyalty to my party, the dumbocrats, who have done absolutely nothing to justify my vote or any other person’s vote for that matter.

Actually I encourage those who consider themselves progressive or LIBERAL to take a close look at other choices on the ballots in their own states, people like Jill Stein or Rocky Anderson, anybody but Obama or Romney, who represent the two sides of the same old Imperial coin, both smiling in your face while they are busy reaching around behind you with a long knife to stab you in the back.

This is my last little chat about this issue. I freely admit that my mind is made up and it won’t be changed.

You see, I am starting to feel the breeze coming from out of the north, and I fear the days ahead, when the winds of Thor begin to blow in earnest, and we had all better start battening down our hatches for the bad times that are coming.

This is all I have to say and I am sure that it is falling upon deaf ears but it doesn’t matter to me. I have said what I feel needed to be said, and just wish others would start voicing their opinions as well.

Our grand experiment, this republic, is dying or dead and we are just going along like nobody’s business, none the wiser, and actually providing the rope for ourselves to be hung with- as a good friend of mine says, “this is not the country that I grew up in” and I believe him- it isn’t and hasn’t been for at least a decade or more.

I am really starting to feel the chill deep down in my bones.



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