Saturday, September 1, 2012

Time to take a blogging break.

The light is going to be turned out on the backporch during the month of September. No particular reason, just feel the need to do other things.

As usual, I invite you to search the archives by using the search feature on the left side of the page.
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Below is a sample search with results in the next screen capture.
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Results of the search below.
ScreenHunter_07 Sep. 01 11.28

Or some of you may be interested in this search.
ScreenHunter_08 Sep. 01 11.30

The point being made that with over 600 posts in the last couple of years, there might be something in there of interest to you.

You might also take a chance and check out the sites that I read often, also on the left side of the page.
ScreenHunter_09 Sep. 01 11.33

Look, several of you visit this site multiple times daily. I feel bad for dropping
out like this, but I do feel that I just need a little break from the self-imposed
pressure of the blogging business- so okay I have twisted my own arm, if I go
looking for bighorns up at Big Morongo or Joshua Tree, or if somehow I take a fairly decent photograph, I will publish it here- but that’s as far as I will go.

Go out and do something. Take your family and/or friends out for a little wilderness viewing. If you live in an urban setting with no wilderness around, go to a park. Or find a nature preserve close by. Google it! Get involved! You want to impress your fellow readers here- write about it with photos and email me, I told you guys long ago, guest posts were welcome here at the backporch!

The pay is abysmal, no ad revenue or money to speak of, but you will get your work out on the world wide web! Just think of all the intrinsic satisfaction!

Enough, enough, I am out of here. For now. See you in October, unless the above events occur.


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