Wednesday, October 10, 2012

In a couple of days, the new blog should be up.

I am undecided whether to keep the old name or to go with the new name.

I have decided to have WordPress host it as Paul suggested in a comment the
other day here; Paul as some of you remember met up with me out at the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway in late July, for some picture taking and getting acquainted time, as part of his California visit. Hopefully one day I will be able
to show him the local bighorn population, Paul make sure you bring that killer zoom camera when you come back again!

This site will stay on Google as long as they allow it- a good place for the archives, but except for minor updates like this, I doubt that I will be posting much here any longer.

It is time for a fresh start, and a new look, with an emphasis on ease of loading
the pages and less of the new bandwidth wasting gizmos that abound on sites
nowadays. It will probably be a turnoff to some of you, I really don’t get the new social media and don’t care to learn- I would rather do other things with my
time and energy, such as finally getting up to stateline and doing a little bike riding and photography in the Wee Thump area, future home of a gigantic, terrain altering wind farm. By the way, due to having only one day off this week, I did not go yesterday as promised, but hope to do so next week.

Initially the new site is going to look pretty bare bones and unkempt, stick with it
and ultimately it should begin to resemble a website, when it finally grows upSurprised smile