Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New site up

Long story which you can read about at the new site link above, but in a nutshell the link above will be for the blog from now on, and the name that I bought will be used for static content that will not be updated frequently, as a blog requires.

Hope to see you soon at my new blogging home on the world wide web.

There will be no further posting at this site, but feel free to view the 2 years+ archives, at your leisure.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Jimmy Hendrix would have been 70 today.

Sometimes I think rock and roll still hasn’t recovered from his loss all those years ago.

These videos are from his breakout performance at the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival.

Watching these videos for the first time in my life tonight drove the point home again of just how much more could he have accomplished if he had only had more time?

We still remember you Jimmy and always will.


Saturday, November 24, 2012

The backporch proposes a fair settlement to the Walmart workers and management.

Surely by now you have heard about the labor unrest at Walmarts all over this land. I am not going into that, I prefer to offer a face saving solution that will benefit both the workers and their management, as well as the single largest stockholders, the Walton heirs, and the institutional investors that own the rest of the shares.

I have read a few articles about these job actions, and most are anti-workers and pro-company. I am sure my readers know which side I support, and I won’t waste any of our time going into all the details. Here is a link to an article that I have made several forum comments to and this comment which will not be posted there, until I have put it up here. This is my proposal and I believe that it will be the settlement arrived at, and to be blunt, I would like to get some credit for itWinking smile.

I will provide the link to the article after I publish at both sites, here first and then Common Dreams:

My comment below is waiting to be moderated over at Common Dreams, surprise, surprise! Just remember that when a settlement is announced, where you heard about it first!

Here is my proposal, which I get to at the end, after laying out the strategy that I believe should be used by the workers to soften up management to their point of view:

Lost in the hoopla is a major fact. The Walmart stock price has dropped 6% in a week. Now I know that doesn't mean much to the folks fighting it out here in the forum but is a BFD to Walmart management, the Walton family(that owns 48% of the stock) and all the hedge and pension funds etc that own the rest.
This is huge money we are talking about here folks, huge!
I don't know any of the brain trust that is running these strikes and walkouts, but let me give them some public advice. Keep it going!
Keep the strikes up, keep the pressure on, right through the end of the shopping season. Make these rolling strikes, bring the lesson home to all the regions of this country and the rest of the Walmart world.
This will have a MAJOR EFFECT on Walmart's just in time shipping method and an even greater effect on worker morale, those inside and outside. Let Walmart start firing people, they can't fire them all. Remember it will take time to teach new hires the complicated Walmart system, and in the meantime, the stock price keeps dropping.
I have said before, on this site, as Billy Ray Valentine once said, that the best way to get even with rich people is to turn them into poor people. There is no better example than this current job action to demonstrate the point.
There is always a capitulation moment in a crisis, and usually it is the weak that do all the capitulating. Walmart has already signaled its' weakness by running to the courts to file charges against a union; to me, that shows that their vaunted machine is already buckling under the strain. I think that if the workers keep it up, Walmart just might be forced to capitulate by its' major shareholders.
Even the rich are under scrutiny and pressure nowadays, with Obama's victory and all the talk about Occupy and the 1%'ers getting all the gold and the rest of us just getting the shaft. As the strikes continue, look for the mainstream media to continue with their news slant toward Walmart continuing up to a point, and then turning in the worker's favor, finally. At some point, a signal we won't be privy to, will be passed down and the elite's will give in, and the workers will win a victory of some sort.
Then they will have to decide if that is enough or should they keep the heat on.
If the workers stay together, Solidarity, they will win. As in the old union organizing days in the Great Depression, their community will have to pull together and help their members in need, they can do this.
Here is some unsolicited and free advice, unwelcome though it may be, to the Walmart brass and the Walton family members. Forget what your strategists and others are telling you. Act now. In the Christian spirit of the holidays, offer the workers a fair settlement offer NOW. Stop the management retaliation, the 3 or 4 or managers in one office browbeating the single worker, NOW. Offer more money and a more generous benefit package NOW. Get ahead of the curve, do it before the workers grievances are set in stone and they decide to get serious about bringing a union in- DO IT NOW before the holidays.
This will be a win-win for the workers and for the corporation. Workers get what's their's and the company gets to say that it kept the union out.
Anyone reading this with contacts high up within the workers or the company, by all means forward this to whoever might be interested.
I believe a settlement will be announced along these lines sooner rather than later, if the job action continues. The longer the workers stay out, the more the union comes into play, and the company damn sure knows it. You watch and see.”
-----------------------------------------------END OF COMMENT POSTED AT COMMON DREAMS.ORG SITE---------------------------

That’s it folks. The backporch plan to end the Walmart labor unrest situation.
And the template that I believe will be followed as this thing plays out.

You watch and see.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Loose ends

Sitting here this morning with my coffee cup nearby, I realize that there are a few things that need to be mentioned before starting up the new site. First, let
me enlighten you with a story of how I made an idiot out of myself. Recently, I went for a hike at one of my favorite spots, Big Morongo Canyon Preserve, where I discovered that the trail had been converted into a dirt road. That startling discovery was so shocking that I forgot that this trail was actually a reclaimed by the desert pipeline road, cut through the canyon decades ago.
10302012bmcp 022

I have no excuse for what happened next but to say that I panicked after seeing what I convinced myself was a new road, a description that implies
that obviously a road have never existed there in the first place, which in this
instance is categorically not true, as a road and easement has existed here for decades to allow the gas pipeline folks to maintain their pipeline.

So in my panic, believing what my lying eyes showed me, and completely forgetting all my previous hikes down the canyon trail, where wheel ruts still
existed in several places, I proceeded to send out a plea for help to various people that I have met online and to a few organizations, which resulted in
some literally believing that a new road had been cut into virgin wilderness, that view being debunked by the local BLM, and in a particularly mortifying
email that I received which I will only quote the most embarrassing part to me
here and will keep the sender anonymous(after all who would want to be
associated with such an obvious nutcase) so as to not cause them to be publicly linked with your host here:
ScreenHunter_01 Nov. 21 08.20

So you see what happened don’t you? The shock of seeing that dirt road cut right up to the side of my favorite cottonwood tree must have kicked all memory and reason out of me, causing a total meltdown and resulting in my losing any and all street credibility that I might have had, if I ever had any left, with folks
who might be able to make a difference.

In other words, I cried wolf and there was nothing there.

And now continuing along in a similar vein, I have dumped another blog over at
Wordpress for the same reason that I stopped blogging here before, my inability to get the software working the way that I want it too. In my own defense though I will say that how hard should it be to embed a video or to put a link in to another article or to have paragraphs flow and look normal on a screen? It seems like that is a reasonable request and not one that should be too hard to deliver.

Now I am back here writing this after running off all the readers with my problems here, and with a promise to start up a site of my own. After thinking this over and spending some money, I believe that I can do this- as long as I don’t get bogged down in the nuts and bolts.

Here is what I would like to be able to accomplish. I would like to have a site where I can take a template, put in the elements that I want, and to be able to have it appear like this site; with a large image across the top and with tabs to click on leading my readers to sections such as a blog, photo gallery, desert issues section, politics section, off grid section(coming soon) and others as they occur to me. I would like every page to be easy on the internet usage so that any speed connection won’t be overloaded, and for easy navigation to get around.

As I mentioned in a previous post here or at WP, I would like this to be bare bones for now, and as I get more proficient with the web design software, it will get a little easier on the eyes, as they say. I think I can do this just using the “cookie cutter” approach, and hope that the first pages will be up by 11/29/2012.

Another thing that I have been thinking about is off grid living. Recently, I came across an interesting survival blog, the most interesting parts to me being how this young man obtained a cabover truck camper and a 32 foot travel trailer and can use both off grid thanks to home made solar panels, etc. This last was
extremely interesting to me and I ended up voraciously reading every post in the blog. I suggest that you check it out as well. So now I am checking Craig’s List daily and looking for deals and information on similar rv’s.
ScreenHunter_02 Nov. 21 09.11

Man, I could sure camp in style at the Mojave National Preserve with this thing.
Of course, it might pass everything but a gas station.Winking smile I can see myself living in this after I retire very easily. Right at this very moment, I am about $1499 short of being able to buy this one; I just added the ad to this post for illustrative purposes only. If I went the truck camper option it would look like this:
ScreenHunter_03 Nov. 21 09.23

The outside shower would be okay in the desert in the summer, winter I am not so sure. Also I would have to buy a truck. But I think you can see why I am interested, just imagine parking it in the desert or mountains or woods somewhere- alone with only Mother Nature as company- no bass thumping music or loud exhaust rumbles to bother you. In other words, peace and quiet.

Well, there you have it, my most recent embarrassment and my wildest dream,
all in one post. Plus a plan for the future that I am certain that you won’t believe until you see it.

Later on,


Monday, November 19, 2012

Update on website plans

Folks, I told you before that my plan was to put up a new site eventually, well that time will be coming much sooner than thought. My reason for closing this blog down was due to difficulties with the Google Blogger
software and other blogging software so I ended up setting up a new blog, Bighorn Whisperer, over at Wordpress. Well I have had the same issues there and after trying several times to embed a video in my blogpost over there and failing to do so, I pulled the plug on that blog as well. So I am back here to update those of you who still are checking in here.

I have purchased website design software from Serif and it is in the mail to me. I already have a new website which is currently "parked' and not being used. I am going to sign up with 1 and 1 internet hosting for a cheap webhost plan, and will start off small and barebones with it. It should be up in a week or so, I hope.

I have been in a writing mood lately, most of which has been in the form of comments left on political sites such as Common Dreams, Truthdig, and the Smirking Chimp. I actually am starting to enjoy writing again, as long as I am not constrained by any self imposed limitations, such as I had with this blog.

So this new site will be about what I feel like writing, and I will also ask for reader submissions, about what they would like to write about. The only limitation I would impose would be that the writing not be rated XXX, if you know what I mean ;-)

So I am hoping to have a simple, easy on the bandwidth site up and running in about 7-10 days at the following link:

I hope to see you there out on the backporch, and hopefully we will be talking about one of your written submissions!