Saturday, November 24, 2012

The backporch proposes a fair settlement to the Walmart workers and management.

Surely by now you have heard about the labor unrest at Walmarts all over this land. I am not going into that, I prefer to offer a face saving solution that will benefit both the workers and their management, as well as the single largest stockholders, the Walton heirs, and the institutional investors that own the rest of the shares.

I have read a few articles about these job actions, and most are anti-workers and pro-company. I am sure my readers know which side I support, and I won’t waste any of our time going into all the details. Here is a link to an article that I have made several forum comments to and this comment which will not be posted there, until I have put it up here. This is my proposal and I believe that it will be the settlement arrived at, and to be blunt, I would like to get some credit for itWinking smile.

I will provide the link to the article after I publish at both sites, here first and then Common Dreams:

My comment below is waiting to be moderated over at Common Dreams, surprise, surprise! Just remember that when a settlement is announced, where you heard about it first!

Here is my proposal, which I get to at the end, after laying out the strategy that I believe should be used by the workers to soften up management to their point of view:

Lost in the hoopla is a major fact. The Walmart stock price has dropped 6% in a week. Now I know that doesn't mean much to the folks fighting it out here in the forum but is a BFD to Walmart management, the Walton family(that owns 48% of the stock) and all the hedge and pension funds etc that own the rest.
This is huge money we are talking about here folks, huge!
I don't know any of the brain trust that is running these strikes and walkouts, but let me give them some public advice. Keep it going!
Keep the strikes up, keep the pressure on, right through the end of the shopping season. Make these rolling strikes, bring the lesson home to all the regions of this country and the rest of the Walmart world.
This will have a MAJOR EFFECT on Walmart's just in time shipping method and an even greater effect on worker morale, those inside and outside. Let Walmart start firing people, they can't fire them all. Remember it will take time to teach new hires the complicated Walmart system, and in the meantime, the stock price keeps dropping.
I have said before, on this site, as Billy Ray Valentine once said, that the best way to get even with rich people is to turn them into poor people. There is no better example than this current job action to demonstrate the point.
There is always a capitulation moment in a crisis, and usually it is the weak that do all the capitulating. Walmart has already signaled its' weakness by running to the courts to file charges against a union; to me, that shows that their vaunted machine is already buckling under the strain. I think that if the workers keep it up, Walmart just might be forced to capitulate by its' major shareholders.
Even the rich are under scrutiny and pressure nowadays, with Obama's victory and all the talk about Occupy and the 1%'ers getting all the gold and the rest of us just getting the shaft. As the strikes continue, look for the mainstream media to continue with their news slant toward Walmart continuing up to a point, and then turning in the worker's favor, finally. At some point, a signal we won't be privy to, will be passed down and the elite's will give in, and the workers will win a victory of some sort.
Then they will have to decide if that is enough or should they keep the heat on.
If the workers stay together, Solidarity, they will win. As in the old union organizing days in the Great Depression, their community will have to pull together and help their members in need, they can do this.
Here is some unsolicited and free advice, unwelcome though it may be, to the Walmart brass and the Walton family members. Forget what your strategists and others are telling you. Act now. In the Christian spirit of the holidays, offer the workers a fair settlement offer NOW. Stop the management retaliation, the 3 or 4 or managers in one office browbeating the single worker, NOW. Offer more money and a more generous benefit package NOW. Get ahead of the curve, do it before the workers grievances are set in stone and they decide to get serious about bringing a union in- DO IT NOW before the holidays.
This will be a win-win for the workers and for the corporation. Workers get what's their's and the company gets to say that it kept the union out.
Anyone reading this with contacts high up within the workers or the company, by all means forward this to whoever might be interested.
I believe a settlement will be announced along these lines sooner rather than later, if the job action continues. The longer the workers stay out, the more the union comes into play, and the company damn sure knows it. You watch and see.”
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That’s it folks. The backporch plan to end the Walmart labor unrest situation.
And the template that I believe will be followed as this thing plays out.

You watch and see.


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