Monday, November 19, 2012

Update on website plans

Folks, I told you before that my plan was to put up a new site eventually, well that time will be coming much sooner than thought. My reason for closing this blog down was due to difficulties with the Google Blogger
software and other blogging software so I ended up setting up a new blog, Bighorn Whisperer, over at Wordpress. Well I have had the same issues there and after trying several times to embed a video in my blogpost over there and failing to do so, I pulled the plug on that blog as well. So I am back here to update those of you who still are checking in here.

I have purchased website design software from Serif and it is in the mail to me. I already have a new website which is currently "parked' and not being used. I am going to sign up with 1 and 1 internet hosting for a cheap webhost plan, and will start off small and barebones with it. It should be up in a week or so, I hope.

I have been in a writing mood lately, most of which has been in the form of comments left on political sites such as Common Dreams, Truthdig, and the Smirking Chimp. I actually am starting to enjoy writing again, as long as I am not constrained by any self imposed limitations, such as I had with this blog.

So this new site will be about what I feel like writing, and I will also ask for reader submissions, about what they would like to write about. The only limitation I would impose would be that the writing not be rated XXX, if you know what I mean ;-)

So I am hoping to have a simple, easy on the bandwidth site up and running in about 7-10 days at the following link:

I hope to see you there out on the backporch, and hopefully we will be talking about one of your written submissions!


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