Friday, December 21, 2012

Liberal morons.

My apologies in advance to anyone who might be offended by the title of this post.

You know I have said often that my politics are liberal, so I guess that I am a
moron too. After all, I did vote for Obama in 2008. But since that time, my eyes have been opened by political sites such as the Black Agenda Report
which have long pointed out Obama for what he is, the more effective evil.
And yes, Glen Ford, Bruce Dixon and Margaret Kimberly were saying it before he even received the nomination back then. I missed that since I didn’t hear of
this prescient website until a couple of years ago or so.

No today I am up to my throat fed up, sick and tired of all the liberal whining about Obama’s latest travesty- his plan to cut social security and medicare in
his never ending quest to seek for and make the Grand Bargain with the Republicans for deficit reduction. Hey liberals wake up! He telegraphed the move before the election. He’s doing what he said that he would do. This man is a man of his word; at least when he gives it to his corporate bosses and the republicans. He will advance the corporate austerity plans with alacrity, as he is doing now. As far as his campaign pledges made to liberals, forget it. I really
can’t think of one that he has kept.

Let me give you fellow liberals the Obama response to you and me- are you ready for this? To paraphrase Rohm Emmanuel- “F-U- retards!” Obama ain’t gonna do shit for liberal causes except toss a bone here or there.

It’s not like there wasn’t another option. The democratic party could have had a
primary challenge to Obama, a tried and true way to try to prod the incumbent to move in your direction. Or liberals and progressives could have left the party in droves, flocking to fine liberal candidates running in the general election such as Rocky Anderson or Jill Stein. They didn’t do either of those things.

Instead they sat and boasted. Oh boy, now we are going to hold Obama’s feet to the fire, they swore. Hey fools, how’s the foot holding working out for ya? Sure are forcing Obama to the left, aren’t you? Not! The liberal and progressive forums are full of Obamabots wailing and gnashing their teeth now, when before the election, these same Obamabots were throwing their weight around, enforcing the party line, and making out like those of us who said vote 3rd party were heretics or worse, telling some of us to get out of the forums, traitors! I say you get what you paid for, morons! The rest of us are stuck with this turkey because you couldn’t think outside of the duopoly box and couldn’t envision a future without your blessed democratic “liberal”plantation and massa
telling you how to vote.

That’s it, I have had it with this. I will suggest an opinion article by the publisher of the Nation, John MacArthur, where he asks and I am paraphrasing
here, just what the hell are liberals for?

The answer obviously is not much, except keeping their craven man and party in power, and to hell with everyone else.