Friday, December 7, 2012

My new blog has been pulled by Google- details in this post.

Just when you thought that you had heard it all, news like this pops up. Let me share all the sordid details with you- just minutes after the disaster occurred.

My new blog, the Bighorn Whisperer, was off to a good start. I like the layout of the “Simple Template” by Blogger, and the Morongobill had his writing groove back. No more writer’s block, hurray!

I had blogged about my trip up to the stateline area this past Tuesday and Wednesday, an unsuccessful trip and one where my car suffered a meltdown.
Plus I also put up a couple more good posts, or at least I thought so at the time.

One thing that the misfortunes during the trip taught me was that I needed another revenue source to help fund further trips out to future solar and wind sites in the Mojave; my job as a part time shuttle bus driver is not enough to do all the visits I would like and I need an upgrade to a truck or suv to reach the hard to get to areas as well.

So I attempted to put the Google Adsense ads back on and was not able to get them to display, so I removed them from the site. Next I researched other alternative ads and settled on Adbrite out of the bay area, and after review I made my choice, and inserted the code into my site.

Instantly my blog was deleted, just like that, for suspicious activity and possible malicious code usage. I asked a question on the blogger forum and was able to put in a request for human review and should have a decision within 2 business days.

I shall refrain expressing my feelings about this now and will leave it at this.
Hopefully the new blog will be back up soon and I can continue the blog journey there.

Bottom line is this. I need my own site asap where no one can cut me loose.

Late addition, I just heard from Adbrite. Read this and come to your own conclusion. Note that nowhere in their website at least during the signup page where I gave up all my personal info did it mention that Blogger accounts were not welcome.
ScreenHunter_02 Dec. 07 12.37

So they have cut me loose as well.

MorongobillAngry smile