Monday, December 31, 2012

New blogs up

Possibly desert related in one sense, these blogs will be my new emphasis for the foreseeable future as I get grounded in a new blogging subject, learning the “abc’s’ so to speak.

This blog will only be used for miscellaneous writings that are not desert related. However, I have decided
on no more political posts as they are just too much of a hassle to write.

My new blogs will be located here and are investment(speculation) oriented:

Namibia Rare Earths

Heavy REE News

Both sites are related to the heavy rare earth elements spectrum- raw materials that will be absolutely necessary for the new post climate change electrical grid system, as well as for many other high technology innovations for the changing world that we live in.

I suggest that you subscribe to the email feed function here on this site for future posts that are non- desert related. I have long entertained the idea of a post emulating the style of the late Joe Bageant for example- truly a giant among writers, living or dead.

On a personal note, I have blogged for over 2 years at this very forum and it has been feast or famine.
By that, I am referring only to my ability to stay self motivated enough to write here. Let me use a mining analogy; in other words, I have run out of the lode bearing vein and it is time, finally, to search for another
good mining claim. As far as any monetary gain goes, there has been absolutely none- as mentioned before here, the ads have not generated one cent to me and any trips that I made to check on possible renewable energy sites were self funded- so I go out with my head held high, I never sold out or made a penny from this “desert activism” thing. I still feel strongly about the Mojave, that will never change, but I just can’t write anymore about it. I hope that you will understand.

I know most of my readers here are inclined toward a desert activism point of view and I suggest that you visit these sites for future desert news and information:

Coyote Crossing

Thanks to all for your loyalty visiting here from time to time. Fare thee well.


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