Wednesday, January 23, 2013

This blog could be shut down by Google at any time, so why waste any more time here?

This just posted over at my main blog, Heavy REE News, and applies to all of my blogs. Future writing will be done only at the link in this article, I am done with being screwed over by the Google Plantation massa. See you at the new site.

I have been blogging on the Google plantation for a long time.

Recently, I made posts over at my Bighorn Whisperer and Morongobill’s Backporch blogs, where I left a link to a post at this new blog. Now understand that these are all hosted over at the Google Plantation. Unfortunately for me, the Google robot crawled over to my Bighorn Whisperer blog and instantly deleted it, saying that it was spam. I put in an appeal and still have not had my blog restored. Hence my concern for this new blog.
ScreenHunter_01 Jan. 23 08.29

Here is the exact page that I got shut down for. Please note that the same identical thing was posted over at the Backporch and that 2 year old blog didn’t get shut down:
ScreenHunter_02 Jan. 23 08.45

I have spent significant time and energy trying to get this new blog going, and to make it relevant to the rare earth discussion. I have posted almost everyday, some better than others, and all with the intent to provide some help to the new investor wanting to get involved in the rare earths.

Already in the short history of this blog, I have accomplished more personally than I did the whole 2 years I spent with my Backporch blog- I took lessons learned there, hard lessons, and applied them here at this new blog and found a subject that I have enjoyed writing about.

I will continue to write about it, just not here at the Google plantation any longer. The thought that at any second a Google robot can come in here and yank down all this hard work is too distressing a thought to linger on a second longer here on their plantation.

So that’s it. This blog here is done. I have already taken ownership of the web address:

This will be my new home, soon I hope. Late addition, that is now my new home on the web so please head on over for new content. Just remember though that I just got it online.

It will not look as good as this one as I am going to have to start from scratch, reinventing the wheel as it is.

But the site will be mine, all mine, and Google will not be able to cut me off at its’ robot’s whim.

One final thought however. I will leave this and the other blogs up, and will remove all Google ads, so that they can continue hosting my content for free on their site, allowing me to get some sort of last word, as there is no procedure to talk to a human about this issue.

See you at the new site soon.


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