Saturday, February 23, 2013

No “there” there at the Sierra Club

Rarely, if ever, do we get a concrete and real world example of the depths to which some of our idealized icons have fallen, meaning from the original intent of the founders,as envisioned to the modern day “sell out” result. Such an
example can be viewed here in the current issue of the Sierra Club magazine.
Warning! Reading this issue might mislead the average reader into perhaps believing that they are reading the latest wind power industry insider magazine- be advised that yes this is an official Sierra Club magazine!

Longtime readers of this blog are probably not too surprised by the Club’s latest attempt to reinvent itself under Michael Brune’s leadership as the To Go to Environmental Organization if you are a so called Green Industry Player looking for a “fig leaf” approval of your latest ecosystem destroying wind or solar scheme; after all, something must be sacrificed to stop the evil climate change, and we all know that desert tortoise’s and other animal and plant species can not vote.

So what we have here today is a magazine that could have been written by any wind power hack(and who knows, maybe it was) and is probably the single most disgusting corporate crap posed as thoughtful writing that I have ever seen in a long lifetime of viewing such drivel, and completes the recently accelerated transition of the Sierra Club from being the Grand Dame of conservation organizations to the new, more modern and hip, paramour to the rakish wind and solar power developers and their lobbyists.

In the old days, the 60’s, the term for this new “lady” which is the Club today I believe was “Groupie.” Hanging out with the band members, and sleeping with them. Some might even describe such behavior as sluttish even. John Muir wept.

Speaking of John Muir, he is so yesterday to the modern day club. His dream is this Club’s nightmare. In my opinion, they can’t get rid of his memory fast enough, as he is the antithesis to what the Club has now become. A luddite who didn’t get it, an institutional memory that needs to be cleared from the corporate consciousness that is the new norm for modern day carbonmentalist
environmental groups who need to get down on their knees to worshipwork with our socially responsible renewable energy developers and government officials, as well as the ngo’s and major charitable groups.

There truly is no “there” there at the club anymore. No substance, only smoke
(soon coming from all the wind turbines and scorched bird feathers) and mirrors(from all the mirrors soon to be plastered across most of the Mojave Desert ecosystem.) But relax, it’s okay because the Club says it is. Never mind what the founder might be thinking as he spins in his grave(making electricity)
pondering what modern day Corporate Man has done with his original vision.

You know, people make mistakes. People sometimes make huge mistakes which they spend their lifetime trying to correct. One of Brune’s predecessors made such a mistake with Glen Canyon and to his credit, David Brower realized it and to the very end tried to prevent the building of the dam that by his actions, he helped make possible. He failed, the dam was built and Glen Canyon was doomed. History has shown that Brower tried to right a wrong that he helped happen, what will be the verdict for this modern day generation of Club leadership?

My guess is that the judgment will not be as kind, and the damage done to the environment thanks to leadership decisions will be far greater, on a cumulative basis, than ever before, as the environmental stewards cement their roles as the facilitators for the new paradigm of wilderness, turbines and mirrors as far as the eye can see.

I would like to direct readers attentions to this post at the Mojave Desert Blog
as well as an imagined ode to nature today by John Muir if he were alive today and thought like the current Sierra Club leadership, read these, my dear readers, and you decide, which John Muir you believe in, which Sierra Club that you love and believe in, which Club that you thought would always be there for our Mother Earth- my own view is that that Club died when Mr. Brower did, but of course, I am a pessimist and my eyes have been blinded to all the benefits that these millions of turbines, mirrors and transmission towers will bring to all that wilderness that Muir and others fought for.


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