Wednesday, March 6, 2013

This time it is goodbye for real, backporch is finally gone from Google.

According to a Blogger help newsletter that I receive, it is possible to go directly to a local Google office and get help with restoring a blog. Long time readers will remember that my Bighorn Whisperer blog was deleted by Google’s spambot and I asked for reinstatement and was denied for a Terms of Service violation- having a spam blog. Note that Google India visited the offending blog page but did not bother to visit the other blog listed to verify my ownership.

Today I drove 20 miles to Google in Irvine, California where the receptionist informed me that there is no customer service there and she gave me this:


For the record, I called the number and the computer voice clearly states that Google provides no customer service.

That’s it. Guess I will have to restart this blog on my own site like I did with my blog devoted to news in the rare earth business. Lately I have had a hankering to write about the desert but have been scared to do so until I tried with Google to restore my Bighorn Whisperer blog, we now know how that turned out.

I will make the decision whether to bring back the backporch and/or the whisperer sites in a few days and leave the url up here for your future reference.

That is provided that Google doesn’t say that is a spam attempt.

For the last time, let me just say that since when did it become spamming to let your readers know about one of your new blogs when said readers visit your site and read what you write, in some instances on multiple occasions and on the same day?Confused smile That in the old model was just considered self advertising.

Well all I can say to Google is “exxxxccccccuuuuuuussssssseeee meeeeee!!!!!!!!!!


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